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November 18, 2018

it takes a lot for me (no seriously, a LOT) to be influenced by an "influencer" on social media. most of the items I see are overpriced and are in way too high of demand, meaning .. everyone and their mother will have it .. which isn't really my style. 

I started drafting up my 2018 gift guide a few weeks back and began researching for the "kids" category. I came across someone's stories on IG and I stopped dead in my tracks.

I know for my girls, they love imaginative play. they love to create things over and over again. I didn't want to include any toys that would last for 6 minutes and then end up in the bottom of the bucket. I really wanted to find toys that would "grow with them" and challenge them.

BrainBlocks are the perfect toy for any age, gender and even "education" level. my girls are 4.5 and almost 2, and they were able to both create at their own pace. Mila followed most of the sample ideas in the booklet that's included, while Lu did more of a "domino" effect. 

"teaches math, physics +
engineering concepts"

I included brainblox in my upcoming gift guide, but wanted to make sure I gave you guys a little more input on them, rather than just "oh buy these!". every morning the girls grab them (in the adorable storage bag that's included), and dump them all out onto the floor, giving me some extra time in bed .. WIN WIN!

the building blanks allow the girls to create whatever they wanted -- even John got in on the fun & used every block (all 200) to make a tower that the girls got to knock over!

"develops problem solving
+ reasoning abilities"

another plus? the owner. Christine + I had chatted a little before she was beyond thoughtful to send us out a box. she is so hands on + stands behind her brand 100%.

I plan to get my gift guide up this week, so I hope you come back to check that out! I am so happy to introduce you guys to brainblox and make sure you tell Santa to add it to the list!


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