BTS: mila's 1st birthday

June 7, 2018

talk about a throwback! since last month was 1 year I officially bought tattoos + fairytales, I thought it would be cute to do a blog post on Mila's 1st birthday to celebrate!

I have had a few mamas reach out who are currently planning their babe's birthdays, so I figured I could share all my tips + tricks in one easy to find place. we have thrown about 6 parties now between both girls + my advice? always have it out somewhere. we have done it both ways + man, having it out always wins. yes it's more expensive, but that's really the only con. you don't need to clean up (before OR after). nobody destroys your house. the food is already cooked + you can keep asking for alcohol refills. WIN.

mama tip: bring pajamas for your babe. they will be exhausted at the end of their party + will love getting comfy after a long day!

the guest list
I get it. it's your first kid's first birthday - wahoo. you want to make it amazing, but just keep in mind, they will not remember any of it. Mila wasn't even walking on her own, which meant she was either attached to me or John. we wound up having 73 people. we don't have large families, but we did invite a lot of friends, who had their own kids. but the good news? every birthday after this, the guest list gets smaller. trust me.

the venue
now, we had to find a place to hold everyone comfortably. we decided on a restaurant since the party was mainly for the adults. so we found a place with a large back room, it's own private bartender (hello!) + they allowed us to rearrange the room how we wanted, which was huge. plus they let us to set up the night before.

the menu
we had it set up family style. they brought around huge bowls of pasta + salads at each table. I had also made homemade "pink" popcorn for every table to snack on before anything was served. my best friend also came over the night before to help with all the desserts. I made all the cupcakes, her birthday cake, chocolate dipped pretzels + rice krispies. there's just something about making the cake for your birthday babe that is super sentimental to me. 

the goodie bags
even though I don't do favors anymore, this year I decided on "busy bags". since it was a party mainly for the adults, I had given each kid their own bag before the party started. filled with puzzles, crayons + books. I thought any type of entertainment would be good, allowing the adults to get a quick hot meal in. these were a huge hit!

the extras
my advice to ANY mama, get a photographer. this might sound crazy to some, but if you are a picture lover like me + always say "i wish we took more pictures last night!" - then you will appreciate this. we had done a shoot for Mila's birthday a few weeks prior (which we used as decor also) + I knew right then that I wanted to have Danielle come shoot the party, as well as be a guest. we have the same vibe, so she knew exactly what shots I would die over + as always, she delivered.

I knew I wanted Mila to have a special high chair, so I found a vintage wooden one online + John sanded it down + I used a teal chalk paint to finish it. it came out amazing. I actually wound up selling it after the party which was a nice bonus!

now that I have completely sobbed writing this + looking back at all these old pictures, I will be pouring myself a glass of wine + indulging in a little jersey shore action. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! any other questions, just leave a comment below!


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