summer fridays: first impression

April 9, 2018

one of my favorite things about this community, is the relationships you create. I have been following Marianna Hewitt for years, so when she dropped the news of a new skin care product she had been working on, I knew I had to grab it.

I have been using Summer Fridays "JetLag Mask" for just over 2 weeks now so I thought it was a valid time to do a first impressions review for you guys! I shared it on my IG + so many of you were interested, especially if it's worth the price ($48,

before I get into my review, I wanted to give you some back story on my skin.

my skin:
so growing up, I never had clear skin. I would have little breakouts here + there, then struggled with cystic breakouts later in my 20s. I tanned for 10+ years, stopped for about 5 years now, so I do have some discoloration in my skin tone too. I never have had Botox + honestly don't struggle from dark circles or wrinkles (yet!). I was looking for a hydrating additive for my skincare routine, so when I came across the JetLag mask, I thought it would be perfect.

ever since having my first babe, 4 years ago, my skin has been really good with breakouts. most of them would be hormonal, and it wasn't up until recently (when I got an IUD), that i noticed breakouts more frequently as my body adjusted. now, a few months later, they have lessened so I knew it was time to try Summer Fridays on a fresh + clean canvas.

overall, 6/10.

I was honestly a little bummed. a few of my IG friends had said the same. that the reviews they saw online about it being life changing, had to be a huge exaggeration. 

you can use the mask 2 ways. 1, is to apply a thin later. let it soak for 10 minutes, then take a warm washcloth and wipe/pat the excess off. OR 2, leave it on.

I never wiped it off. like I said, I was looking for something hydrating. so after my nightly showers, I'd apply it and sleep in it. it never caused any breakouts - which is a huge win in my book.

it wasn't until I added some jojoba oil to it, that I noticed a huge glow

I would use about a nickel sized dollop of JetLag Mask, with about 6-7 drops of jojoba oil, and pat it into my skin. even my husband said "wow. why are you so glowy!?" men.

again, I would sleep in it overnight + go about my normal routine in the morning.

I personally didn't see a difference in my "wrinkles" or "under eyes", but again, they were never a concern to begin with. 

after adding the jojoba oil, I would stand at a 7-8/10, since it did keep my skin hydrated, just not solo.

will I repurchase it? maybe.


have you guys tried it? thoughts? reviews? I am so curious to know how others loved it, if they saw a huge difference in their skin, or not? let me know! thanks for hanging out with me on this post. you guys rock.


monthly faves

April 5, 2018

hey guys! so I took a poll on my IG (@gniccccc) on if you would like to see my favorite buys of the month, and the consensus was YES! I thought it would be a fun place to share the goodies, so  you can grab them too! I try to share as much as I can, even sale items, but as a mom - it can be time consuming. so hopefully I can get more of these posts up! but for now, lets do it!

if there are items that I can't find directly, I will share similar finds! or just DM me + I can tell you where I found them!

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