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March 8, 2018

guys! where have I been? jeez. I tend to fall off for a few weeks here + there, handle business + then come back in a storm. so let's see how this goes.

I have been getting a ton of questions lately about this whole blogging thing, so I thought having all the answers in 1 place was smart, so you can easily reference back if needed.

a little background: I have been blogging for honestly over 10 years. I had a little beauty blog way back when blogging wasn't even a job. it was called Rags to Riches + Back Again. it was based off the fact that I had $25k+ in credit card debt, that I paid off in under a year .. so all of my beauty finds were super affordable + awesome. proving you didn't need to spend a fortune to look good.

okay so now let's get to the questions:

Q: how do you get paid?

A: okay so there are a ton of answers to this, but for ME, it's through collaborations + affiliate links. meaning, when a company reaches out to me to collab (promote their product), they can send me free product in exchange for a review, and can also send me compensation in addition. affiliate links mean companies I am an affiliate with (Target, Amazon + LikeToKnowIt), pay me commission when I share their products + you click/buy through my links. so when you see #ad #sponsored, it's because I legally have to share that, meaning I was given some type of compensation.

Q: how do you gain followers?

A: again, there are a million answers, but for me it's through giveaways + networking. comment on other pages in similar niches, get to know other influencers, share for share. if you are tagging brands in your pictures (even if you aren't affiliated with them), check out their IG pages + see their flow. they may repost one of your shots that include their product .. which will gain you followers. 

some people buy followers (which is obvious, we see you), but I am not about to spend my hard earned money on people from other countries who don't even speak english to follow me. I share my kids + family, I don't need random ass people looking at my page just for a follow count.

this also gives companies false information, which again, is wrong. if you show a 10k count, your ratios better be on point. your engagement rates should show an authentic following. which is why it's so obvious when people buy followers/comments. companies want to work with authentic influencers who have strong engagement. giving false information to brands is not how you become reputable.

Q: how do you get involved with giveaways?

A: for me, I have always been approached. I know some girls reach out to other influencers to work with, I never have. but remember, if you do a giveaway, you will lose about 1/2 of the followers who followed you to enter. which sucks, but there are ways to help keep them - do your research. also, if you do a giveaway, and have great success, ask the admin if they have anymore giveaways coming up to jump in on. I have had so many girls reach out to me saying they did a giveaway, barely gained followers + rigged the winner. this is bullshit. do your research prior to joining. look at the other girls involved, do you have the same niche? do they have decent sized followings? how will they pick the winner? you are building your business/brand, you need to ask questions before you affiliate yourself with other pages.

Q: what are your biggest struggles?

A: TIME. obviously. I work, have 2 kids, a home to maintain, a husband who works 16+ hours a day on my days off, and a blog to run. I do try to set up content for a few days in advance, but that doesn't aways happen. 

people who copy. god. nothing aggravates me more. it takes so much time to think out content, set up props, think of the proper captions that include links for your followers. I work with brands who i truly believe in. I don't get product sent + share it right away. I test it out, give honest reviews. so to see other people copying your content/affiliates/captions, is honestly the worst part. but welcome to the world wide web, right?

I hope this helped. if there are any other questions you guys might have about jumping into this blogging world, you can always email me or DM me on my IG: @gniccccc. you guys rock + thank you for always sending me the sweetest words. so thankful for this community.


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