what's in my: diaper bag

as a mama to 2 babes, you learn that as your babies grow, your diaper bag evolves too. if you've been following me for a while, you know i am obsessed with my Fawn Design bag. I purchased mine about 3 years ago + have been reaching for it ever since it arrived on my doorstep. I don't use it as a backpack [just not my style], but I love how I get compliments even from non-mama's around town!

but, when I am not carrying my Fawn bag, I use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. my husband gifted this to me back in 2013 when I got a job promotion - how lucky am I?! I wasn't sure what size to get, being that I am on the smaller side. I decided on the GM + said that "when I became a mom, I would use it as my baby bag".

cut to me actually becoming a mom + now knowing that compartments in bags are crucial, I was bummed when I realized how hard it was to use my LV. 

I searched around online + even joined a few mommy group on social media to see what bags they were using + how they were packing. I soon after learned about the Tote Savvy. a portable insert that comes in multiple sizes to fit into the current bag you are loving. it's filled with tons of different sized compartments + even comes with a changing pad.

I read amazing reviews + decided that if I wanted to use my LV, this would be perfection. 

I have had my Tote Savvy about 2 years now + it's a lifesaver.

as my girls grow, I love that I can evolve my diaper bag too. making it super easy to find/reach for whatever I need.


there is an insulated compartment for bottles, which Lu is only taking for bed, so I throw my huge water in there. Mila is completely potty trained, so I only bring diapers/wipes for Lu. drinks for the girls + lots of snacks to prevent meltdowns.

the Nose Frida has been a staple in parenthood since day one [seriously, go get one] + lots of antibacterial wash for all those wonderful public bathrooms trips.


what diaper bags do you guys carry?

do you have the Tote Savvy?

love it?

let me know!


Tote Savvy just launched 2 new gorgeous colors too, Almond + Blush.
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