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January 16, 2018

getting free shit is always awesome, but it's even more awesome when you are obsessed with the product. 

I am a creature of habit, so if a product works for me, odds are, I won't be trying anything new. when Influenster send me some goodies to try out, I was siked.

Origins has been on the shelves of makeup stores around the world since forever, and they were sweet enough to send me the primer from their new "cooling" line. how amazing!?

my first trial with it, was with my regular make up routine. my second (and third) trial was wearing the primer without any makeup on top of it. 


clean face
moisturizer + face oil



shake well + boom. the primer comes out as a foam/mousse, which I have never experienced with a primer before. the cooling effect was instant, and it honestly made me a little nervous since here in NJ, it's bitterly cold .. and I didn't want the cooling effect to dry my skin out.

it did the total opposite. it kept my skin super hydrated all day, without making it look greasy.

the primer is tinted, so it reduced the redness in my face dramatically. enough to where I didn't even need to put foundation on to conceal any discolorations in my face. it was unreal.

it never rubbed off on my clothing, or felt "cakey" if I touched my face during the day. super lightweight and as crazy as it sounds, even after I washed my face, I didn't have as much redness.

this will be in my makeup bag forEVER.

have you guys tried this product? or any of the other products from their "cooling" line?


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