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December 28, 2017

there's something to be said about an organization that is all about giving back. when MatchBack reached out to me, I did my research + was honestly upset that I didn't know about them sooner.

when Aaron Podell was growing up, he was bullied due to a speech impediment. he chose to rise above it, and decided to be the change. he started MatchBack. 

a bundle of bad-ass goodies delivered to your door, and MB will send the same bundle to an underprivileged teen. 

they've worked with The Dream Center, Big Brother/Big Sister, the YMCA + Ridgecrest Autism Awareness just to drop a few names. 

they collaborate with different artists, so every month, the bundle is exclusively designed.

being a mom, and knowing that at some point, my girls will deal with some form of bullying breaks my heart. I am glad to know that there are organizations like MatchBack who saw a gap, and fixed it. they knew the changed started with them, and now they are taking over the game.

I am more than honored to be rocking their gear + know for sure, you'll look pretty bad-ass too.

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