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November 7, 2017

it might sound crazy, but sharing our family shoots has generated a ton of questions. sure Pinterest can give you some ideas, but I always think that getting someone's actual input always serves best. we have our upcoming family shoot next week, so I wanted to do a little Q+A to help you guys with location ideas, clothing choices + even how to find the best photographer. feel free to leave your comments below to touch on anything I may have missed! 

Q: how do you find the best photographer?

A: I think social media plays a role, but personal references are HUGE! depending on your style, it's best to shop around. email them all your questions, get a feel for their vibe + always reference back to their work. they may like architectural shoots, or nature. they may use props, or take more candid shots over "posed". ask for their prices + see what fits your budget. photographers who are just starting out generally have a very small fee (or could be free), so shop around!

our go-to photographer is coming back to work (fingers crossed) in 2018, so this upcoming shoot will be done by Tiffany Rose - who I have never worked with - but have heard amazing reviews about. her work is gorgeous + we have chatted in detail about my vision + her style, and the best way to combine the two! 

Q: how do you style a shoot?

A: a basic rule of thumb (for me), minimal patterns. I try to do solid neutral colors for the most part, maybe throwing in a striped piece here + there, depending on the shoot. for holiday shoots, I do like to throw something fun in. avoid dressing anyone in the same colors + make sure your clothing has different dimensions (i.e.: denim, cotton, tulle). you don't want everyone to blend into each other, or the backgrounds. stay away from any logos, or clothing with words. 

Q: how do you pick the location?

A: this is something you can definitely chat with your photographer about, but you should also have an idea of what you like. I am into outdoors, natural light + greenery. your photographer should have an idea of most local spots, or even some places you can travel to (but keep in mind most photographer's have a traveling fee). for seasonal shoots, I try to get creative, but otherwise, I prefer a shoot where I can have evergreen content (photos to use all year round). we did our 2015 holiday shoot at a christmas tree farm + it was perfect!

Q: what is a good price range?

A: this totally varies depending on the type of shoot you need. weddings obviously are at the top end, labor/delivery can get pricey too. I would come up with a price in your head that you are comfortable with, then shop around until you find someone who meets that. keep in mind that some charge by the hour, and some charge by the amount of photos they will edit. turn around time is a big factor too. you don't want to wait more than 5-7 days to have your pictures returned to you, especially around the holidays.

I hope this post helped some of you guys with ideas for your upcoming shoots! it's always best to keep it natural when you aren't sure of something. you don't want to look back at your photos + not look like yourself. keep hair + makeup simple, nothing over the top or too "dramatic". natural facial expressions, don't force it. the best is when you get caught in the moment. those shots are always my favorite!


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