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October 7, 2017

the weeks seriously fly by. I have so many posts drafted up, and literally ZERO time to edit + upload. but I thought sharing a few of my current favorites would be a good way to transition into the colder months. I am in no way a "beauty blogger" - but I have received a bunch of questions regarding things that I have shared on IG [@gniccccc], so I thought it would make the most sense to have all those items in one place + give you a little run down about each.


this was introduced to me over the summer + I have been obsessed ever since. there is an option in your iPhone camera that allows you to take more "professional" shots. open your camera, click "portrait" + follow the directions it gives you on the bottom of your screen. it'll tell you to move closer/further away from your object + it blurs our the background, so your shot is more clean + less "busy". I love using this when I take photos of my girls. 


one of my mommy friends had posted a picture of her kid sleeping + the quality was unreal. I asked what camera she used, and she told me this! the YI HOME camera system is crazy good. if offers play back, and a live feed with no drag time. you can also talk through it, which I love. I believe most people use this as a home security system, but for a baby monitor, it's amazing.

purchase HERE


you guys, this stuff is life changing. you can use it all over your entire body. my favorite use is in my makeup routine. after my moisturizer + primer, I will mix a few drops of this with my CC cream, and apply with a beauty blender. CC creams can be more on the dry side, so this helps keep it smooth + keeps your skin super dewy.

purchase HERE


so as a mama of two, I need something quick + easy for when I actually have 4 minutes to put make up. this is my go-to because you don't need much + it's super light weight. a little bit goes a long way, but remember it can be more "dry" than a regular foundation. so use an oil or an extra moisturizer to help it from looking "cakey".

purchase HERE


I hope to get more of these "favorites" up, maybe monthly [totally being optimistic there], or even quarterly. fingers crossed for getting all my drafted posts published too - send drinks!

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