dock a tot | review + promo code

after you become a mom, you quickly learn that the new "it" baby items aren't always in your favor. with Mila, I bought everything. and guess what? Mila hated everything. your new baby is the new boss, so get ready. we went through 4 different brands of bottles, swaddles + even bath wash. I learned to try out things I wouldn't normally reach for. we had to find what she liked.

with that being said, I was super hesitant about this next item. when I got pregnant with Lucy, the Dock A Tot was all the rage. it had 5 stars, all the mommy bloggers raved about theirs, and how convenient it was. it's intended for parents who co-sleep (which we don't do), but after Lucy came, and her sleep schedule was already in place, I decided to hit the "buy" button. 

it's super light weight, so I can bring it up and down the stairs easily. the cover zippers on/off so cleaning is simple. and the prints are really freaking cute .. however, the price tag is not. 

they start at $165

Lucy adapted to it right away, and we now use it solely for bedtime/naps. I have a moses basket downstairs for relaxing, and keep the Dock A Tot in Lucy's crib - big girl status! we recently went out of town for the night, and brought the Dock A Tot with us. Lucy slept like a queen. 

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*this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.