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June 8, 2017

so I have been doing this mom thing for a little over 3 years now. I am definitely not a pro by any means, but I have come to find that certain products just make my life easier. my husband's schedule puts him out of the house for about 14+ hours each work day, so the smoother my day runs, the better.

we all know it's trial and error when it comes to motherhood, so I would love to hear what items work for you and your family! let's jump into mine:


not only do these look gorgeous, but they are so practical. I use to have individual items for Mila, but now they make these amazing covers that are a life saver. they stretch over your car seat, can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover (because, germs), a blanket, or if you want to get fancy - a scarf. super easy to throw in your diaper bag, or keep in the car!

mine is no longer available, but here is a similar one


baby wearing has become a staple for me, even when Mila was small. on the days when I am chasing a toddler, I can wear Lucy .. and almost guarantee she will be sleeping in less than 5 minutes.


this thing was a life saver. I was never a fan of high-chairs until Mila was older, so this was perfect. you can attach it to a regular chair (space saver!), or keep it on the counter (it has grips on the bottom). it also folds flat, making it really easy for travel. the tray attaches on & off super easy. this was where Mila, and now Lucy, like to spend most of their time. 


when I had gotten my Louis Vuitton GM a few years back, the goal was the use it as a diaper bag when the time came. but I noticed (once I became an actual mom) that I needed a bag with compartments. this organizing insert is heaven! it fits perfect in my GM and makes it super simple to find the things I need quickly, without ripping my bag apart.


my husband has mixed reviews on this, but I love it. with Mila, we had a plastic tub that you could put in the sink, or even the regular tub. it was nice, but I couldn't image it being comfortable, plus it was bulky - making it hard to store. enter the Bloom Bath. super cozy, can be put in the sink or tub, and has a hook on the back to hang once you're done. the best part? just pop in the washer/drying whenever you need to! 

this motherhood gig is hard enough as it is, so thanks for checking out my picks for making life a little easier! 


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