dear mila + lucy,

May 13, 2017

I grew up with a sister 7 years older than me. I do have some good memories together, but when she was 21, things changed. her decisions altered her life, and little by little our relationship deteriorated. we reconnected when she became pregnant, and soon after that, we became roommates. but once again, she went downhill. now, years later, we have no relationship. she wasn't invited to my wedding, and will never meet my children. 

this past October while pregnant with Lucy, we passed each other in a store. I walked in, and barely recognized her. crazy right? how do you "barely recognize" your sibling? I looked at her, and kept on walking. I checked out, and called my cousin in a panic. out of all the days, out of all the stores .. it happened. I had never gone into this store before in my life, but needed something last minute before we left for Disney in the morning. it happened. we crossed paths, and I didn't even budge.

fast forward to February 3rd, 2017. Lucy came into our lives, and along with all the regular "mom fears", my biggest was the relationship between her and Mila. would they bond? would Mila love her right away? would they grow up and fight? would they share clothing? have similar taste in music, or even boys?

all the things I wasn't blessed with, I wanted my girls to have. 

I hope they respect each other through and through. I hope that when one messes up, the other is there to help them navigate back home. you teach your children one thing, and the world teaches them another. I hope they remind one another of their morals and self worth when I can't be there to do so.

that their love for each other over powers anything else in this life. 

when I think of their wedding days, I can only pray they are each other's maids of honor. they are each other's first phone call after a promotion at work, or even a bad date. I hope they share clothes, and even fight over them from time to time.

I want them to grow up strong, together. 

when Mila came to meet her new sister at the hospital, she walked in and said "hey, there's my baby sister", as if she had known her forever. no jealousy, just love. watching their relationship grow has been my greatest blessing. Mila protects her, and tries to teach her things. Lucy lights up when Mila comes into the room. seeing how a sisterly bond is meant to be, it's the greatest joy. the greatest love. my girls.

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