lucy's gender reveal + pregnancy announcement

May 24, 2017

before I get into this, let's go back. after Mila turned 1, we decided we would stay a family of 3. we had no plans to grow, and took precautions to make sure that plan stayed in place. fast forward to June 5th, 2016. the day after my birthday, and I was 4 days late. I went to a baby shower, not thinking about it. when I left, something made to drive to the store and buy some tests. I came home, Mila was napping, and I went into the bathroom. 3 minutes later, there it was, positive. 

my emotions over the next 6 months were raw. I cried daily, not ready to share my attention. worried about how Mila would react to this new chapter. everyone told me "just wait until you see them together, it'll be the best." -- and they were so right. 


next step? share it with the world.

I was a little over 4 months pregnant when we decided to announce it. we had the gender in an envelope on the refrigerator for over a month. I called up my photographer, Danielle Hughes, and we started brainstorming.

I knew I wanted to make this gender reveal fun for John, so I decided we would include firearms somehow. I had my best friend open the gender envelope, and buy the pink/blue powder that we would add to an explosive that John would shoot on location. I was worried to bring Mila, but I knew I wanted to get some family shots as well. the end product was perfection, as usual.

Photographer: Danielle Hughes // My Dress: Poshmark // Mila's Dress: sold out, similar HERE

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