family day | batsto village

December 21, 2015

 last month John took us on a little family adventure to Batsto Village. when his job relocated him, he came across this place & knew that I would love it. we decided we would take the drive (about an hour), explore the area, then grab lunch! getting away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, was a treat in itself. but to be able to do that, with my family - you can't beat that!

the second we got there, this little one made a friend.
exploring with daddy.
and with mama! she is obsessed with rocks + leaves.

always dancing! 
the most beautiful girl in the world.
following the rules, as usual.
taking it all in. 
ending the day with a cookie!

we had no idea, but Batsto Village is actually really well known in the photography world. it was gorgeous! hopefully we will be able to go back + do a photoshoot soon! 


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