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November 27, 2015

there's something to be said about a mom with a vision, a woman with passion, and a beautiful growing friendship. enter danielle hughes photography. i seriously wish i could write the largest testimonial on her life, not just her amazing business - but i am hoping this will do. 

the first time we shot with Danielle, was for Mila's upcoming first birthday. we had chatted prior about our "vision", and she literally finished all of my sentences. she knew exactly what i wanted captured, and she delivered, plus some.

immediately after that shoot, we booked her for Mila's birthday party. i explained that she would be there as a guest, so eat & drink, but snap a few moments between Mila, myself & John. once again, she went above and beyond. i was completely in awe when i was sent the final photos.

and as you guessed it, she will be behind the lens for our Christmas shoot!  we have been discussing our ideas and are super excited to see everything come to life!

ready for the best part?!

Danielle and I would like to offer my readers an exclusive 20% off promo code!

book your 2016 session before the end of the year
mention promo code TFBLOG
receive 20% off your entire session

how freakin' amazing?!

i strongly suggest you guys check out her Instagram & Facebook page, and grab some popcorn because you won't be getting up for a while! whether you have an upcoming party, wedding or even baby on the way, be sure to shoot Danielle an email, to discuss any questions regarding dates, locations & availability!


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  1. Heart touching pictures!! Your daughter is looking so cute in the picture with the cake. At a popular event space San Francisco we also celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. Her birthday lies on Christmas day so it was a double joy for us.


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