photoshoot | danielle hughes photography

November 27, 2015

there's something to be said about a mom with a vision, a woman with passion, and a beautiful growing friendship. enter danielle hughes photography. i seriously wish i could write the largest testimonial on her life, not just her amazing business - but i am hoping this will do. 

the first time we shot with Danielle, was for Mila's upcoming first birthday. we had chatted prior about our "vision", and she literally finished all of my sentences. she knew exactly what i wanted captured, and she delivered, plus some.

immediately after that shoot, we booked her for Mila's birthday party. i explained that she would be there as a guest, so eat & drink, but snap a few moments between Mila, myself & John. once again, she went above and beyond. i was completely in awe when i was sent the final photos.

and as you guessed it, she will be behind the lens for our Christmas shoot!  we have been discussing our ideas and are super excited to see everything come to life!

ready for the best part?!

Danielle and I would like to offer my readers an exclusive 20% off promo code!

book your 2016 session before the end of the year
mention promo code TFBLOG
receive 20% off your entire session

how freakin' amazing?!

i strongly suggest you guys check out her Instagram & Facebook page, and grab some popcorn because you won't be getting up for a while! whether you have an upcoming party, wedding or even baby on the way, be sure to shoot Danielle an email, to discuss any questions regarding dates, locations & availability!


product review | arbonne ABC baby

November 18, 2015

as some of you may already know, i use to work with Arbonne in 2013. it was an amazing 3rd income (as me and john were both working), and i met so many great people! once i got pregnant, and was horribly sick for 6 months, it was hard to keep up with my loyal customers. i kept up with it for as long as i could, but once i had preterm labor, it was clear what my main focus needed to be.

long story short, i still use their products. they have multiple skin care lines that literally work miracles. i still stand behind them 100%. last week i was cleaning out Mila's changing table, and realized her ABC (the Arbonne skincare line for babies) had recently expired, so i tossed them. that same exact night, my mama friend Amy messaged me and told me she had recently joined the Arbonne team. we chatted a bit about our kids & the products, and she was nice enough to send me a new ABC line for Mila. 

a little history on Mila's skin? it's super sensitive. and in the colder months, her knees and elbows get very dry and bumpy, and her cheeks/chin get extremely red and irritated. luckily, we haven't gotten into the colder months just yet, but I'm super excited that we are prepared now thanks to Amy! the ABC line comes with a hair/body wash, diaper cream, sunscreen & baby lotion. all of their products are natural, and since becoming a mom, that is a huge must in my book.

for anyone who is interested in the ABC line, or any other line from Arbonne (seriously, they have a ton), contact Amy. she is my new go-to gal for all things organic and fabulous!


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