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October 20, 2015

as i come into my 18th month as a mama, one of the first things I've learned?

it's all trial and error

as my husband reminds me daily, "you said this was the only one you would need, now you want another?" yea yea .. i thought that stroller was the one. and even that baby bag. but here we are, 18 months later, 2 stroller in, and endless baby bags deep. if you're a mom, you know what i am talking about.

when Mila hit about 10 months, she began to hate her stroller. while pregnant, we agreed on a jogger traveling system. for the time being, it worked great. but for some reason, Mila hated it. i researched, and fell in love with the Bugaboo Cameleon. the seat was interchangeable, so we could face it towards us, or outward. you could also flip flop the back wheels (larger) to be in front, and the smaller front wheels to be in front, depending on your terrain.

i was a little nervous to still spend that money and have Mila not enjoy it. luckily, a fellow mama friend of mine had one, and she let us borrow it for a few weeks. 

before i knew it, Mila was asleep in it. she has NEVER fallen asleep in a stroller before. i sent my husband a video and said, "we need to buy one before we give this one back" .. i was amazed. it has been a life saver for us, and made going out a little easier. even though we don't use the stroller as often as we use to, it is still one of the best purchases we have made since becoming parents.

PROS | my kid slept in it, interchangeable wheels, interchangeable seat, customizing available, lower/raise the push bar, compacts pretty small to fit into a trunk, easy to open/close, baby bassinet

CONS | multi piece, material is hard to clean, basic accessories aren't included (foot tray/cup holder),  lower storage bin isn't too big, the price

now, there are a ton of other similar products on the market that have many similarities that that Bugaboo has, so if the prices don't work for you, there are other options out there!


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