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August 13, 2015

since Mila sleeps so late into the day, its sometimes hard to get in all the nutrients she needs within such a small window. she normally has a large breakfast, small lunch, then a large dinner (if possible), along with her 16oz of almond milk each day. on days like today, when she slept a littler later than usual, i wanted to make sure her nutrient intake was just as good as any other day! Mila really enjoyed this one, since it was a little messy! BONUS!

what you'll need:

steamed broccoli
avocado oil
veggie pasta
graded cheese
butter (optional)

what you'll do:

cook and drain your pasta (easy enough ..)
now for the green gravy
in a nutribullet (or babybullet), puree your steamed broccoli, milk, butter & avocado oil
you can add more liquid if you want it thinner obviously
toss in pasta & top with graded cheese

Mila loved this. you might want to serve it with a protein, like chicken or turkey. you can also substitute the broccoli with straight avocado, which i have heard is amazing as well.

thanks for stopping by!


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