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April 13, 2015

since recently purchasing a Sakura Bloom ring sling, i found myself getting more casual with my daily outfits. i needed something that was comfortable, since i would be wearing my daughter, but still somewhat put together. i went to the Gap a few weeks back and grabbed some essential pieces that i thought would take me into the autumn weather, eventually. 

apparently, we are in prime baby wearing weather, and this go-to look has been the best for me & my Sakura Bloom days. plus, the last thing you want to do is fight a stroller in your trunk in the heat. a sling or structured baby carrier, to me, is the easiest. i keep both of mine in my car, since Mila hasn't needed to be recently worn at home. plus, it saves me from forgetting it, again.

daily mom life

boyfriend jeans // i don't know how i ever lived without these. i find myself wearing them everyday (oops), since you can really pair them with anything and everything. 

basic white tee // this has been a staple of mine since the beginning of time. i love basic tee shirts, especially in white. so amazing.

*i also grabbed a "boyfriend button up" from the Gap that i have been wearing pretty often. although i love it, it's a little tough to baby wear in a buttoned shirt*

louis vuitton never full // a classic bag that i hope to one day pass down to my daughter. we went with the GM, since i always had intentions of using it as a baby bag, which i am currently doing now that my daughter is a little older.

baseball cap // i have recently become obsessed with caps! i bought a few from Poshmark, but i tend to always go back to my vintage distressed Yankee one. perfect for 3 day old hair, messy buns or low ponytails!

espadrilles // as much as i drooled over the Chanel espadrilles, i knew it wasn't practical, and the price was a little ridiculous, i saw similar ones at Target and have been wearing them almost everyday. i may actually grab another pair since i have a feeling they'll be a staple of my wardrobe all summer.

*i recommend going up a size up*

sakura bloom // i purchased the pure Maple, which i have been loving. its a great gender neutral color and super lightweight (not the color pictured above). i love that i can throw it in my bag and not feel any added weight. we are still adjusting to a ring sling, but slowly getting the hang of it.

*i purchased mine used, from a seller on Instagram. i didn't want to spend full price, incase my daughter didn't like it. the seller had only used it once, and for almost 50% off, i couldn't beat it!*

jewelry // my accessories have always been super casual. i was never into necklaces or lots of bracelets. i honestly rarely wear my engagement ring since it tends to somehow scratch Mila when i am changing her.

we designed my ring & wedding band around the one i posted above, since i loved the dainty look of the band (which is all i wear). when i do wear both, i have been putting the customized Tiffany & Co. band John bought me for my 25th birthday in-between the two. it separates the pieces beautifully, all while adding a little extra bling.

i am not big into bracelets, since Mila would have a field day with them, so i opt for my rose gold Michael Kors watch. i believe mine is the "men's" version, so the face is oversized, which i love. same goes for necklaces, i have never really been big into jewelry honestly, but after Mila was born, i ordered a gold bar necklace with her name engraved in it. when i do wear a necklace, this is the one i reach for.


any other babywearin' mamas out there?
what do you find to be the most functional in your closet?
thanks for checking this out!


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