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March 5, 2015

a few years back when i first heard about the honest co. i assumed they were too expensive because they were organic. i brushed them off, and it wasn't until i was living on my own, and now cleaning, that i gave them a second look. their prices are far from expensive, starting from just $1! plus, now that everyone is jumping on the "organic" train, i thought i would share my thoughts on some of their products.

they have products for the home, baby, and now awesome lifestyle stuff too.


call me crazy, but i couldn't wait to try these. the rough side is made from walnut shells, which i think is so cool. they work great, don't fall apart like other organic ones i have tried, and the scrubbing side actually cleans. LOVE. oh, and they are white & tan. gorgeous.

dish soap
another score! i hate lavender, so i bought the grapefruit scent. it's light & not too much for your dishes. it bubbles pretty well, not the best, but most organic items don't lather since they aren't filled with toxic chemicals.

multi-surface cleaner
this was my first home item. love it. a little goes a long way! it spreads almost like an oil, if that makes sense, but doesn't leave your surfaces slimy. my daughter recently had a virus, so i filled a bucket of hot water, and added 3 tablespoons of this to disinfect her toys.

scented room/fabric spray
i am obsessed with anything lemon, so i had to buy this. honestly, i wasn't too thrilled. it doesn't have a strong scent, and the scent that it does have, doesn't last long. i may try buying one of their candles next to see if those give off a stronger scent.

toilet cleaner
so bummed i haven't actually used this one yet. i mean, i'm not mad i haven't been scrubbing toilets, but i can't wait to see how this works. has anyone tried this?


these were my first ever honest co. purchase. my daughter has super sensitive skin so i thought these would be a great item to have in her diaper bag. they are thicker than pampers, and a little more dry, more like a damn cloth. i think they are awesome!

soothing bottom spray
like i said, my daughter's skin is super sensitive. when i tried out a generic brand of diapers when she was in-between sizes, she developed little red bumps on her bottom. i saw this stuff at target & used it right away. after a few uses, the bumps were gone. LOVE IT. i also put a few sprays in each of her baths, just to help prevent any rashes. it smells great too.

detangling spray
this stuff is awesome. my daughter's hair is so long (not sure how, she is only 10 months), so after a bath, her ends are so knotted. i do a few sprays of this stuff after each bath and her knots are gone! it also works great if your baby wakes up with crazy bedhead.

beach diaper bottoms
how could i not get these?! they come in super adorable prints - we bought the pineapples. they are the cutest addition for our beach bag, so she won't be sitting in a diaper all day at the beach. since NJ is on it's 18 snow storm this winter, we obviously haven't tried these out yet. but i can't wait to see her wearing it, covered in sand.


what other honest co. products have you guys tried?
do you love them, hate them? worth the money?


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