March 27, 2015

if you follow me on IG [@gniccccc], you would know that i recently started a 30 day yoga challenge! so far i am loving it! i am honestly "better" than i thought i was. i find myself being able to stretch far more than i realized i could, and it's seriously a great workout. i have been following Yoga with Adriene and if you haven't checked her out, i highly recommend that you do. 

mila has begun a new sleep schedule since she is a little older now, going to bed at 8:30pm, so once she is down, and the house is situated, i can finally take some much needed time for me. the sessions run about 20-40 minutes, leaving me enough time to take a shower afterwards before hopping into bed! i thought about doing before & after shots, but i am not sure if i will yet. i started this challenge to tone up, since i have always been on the smaller side, i wanted to make sure i was feeling healthy and looking healthy too.

in addition to the yoga, i have incorporated a 30 day squat challenge too, since my butt seemed to disappear after mila was born (thanks kid). it's crazy, but i already see a difference, if that's even possible? i have been utilizing our NutriBullet and making juices daily, and really trying to eat better. i have always had a sweet tooth, which i refuse to give up, so i am slowing getting my eating habits to a better place.

i thought i would share the squat challenge
incase anyone wanted to join me on this journey!

day 1: 30 squats / day 2: 35 squats / day 3: 40 squats

day 4: REST

day 5: 50 squats / day 6: 55 squats / day 7: 60 squats

day 8: REST

day 9: 70 squats / day 10: 75 squats / day 11: 80 squats

day 12: REST

day 13: 100 squats / day 14: 105 squats / day 15: 110 squats

day 16: REST

day 17: 130 squats / day 18: 135 squats / day 19: 140 squats

day 20: REST

day 21: 150 squats / day 22: 155 squats / day 23: 160 squats

day 24: REST

day 25: 170 squats / day 26: 175 squats / day 27: 180 squats

day 28: REST

day 29: 190 squats / day 30: 200 squats

thanks for checking it out!

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