rules of the house | 9 months

February 6, 2015

this whole mom thing is trial and error, right? my childhood friend came over today, who is pregnant with her third, and we got to talking. i explained i was worried about letting Mila try certain foods because she doesn't have teeth yet. she said she felt the same with her first, but was a little more "brave" when allowing her second to have finger foods. i know Mila is capable of doing so much more than i allow her to, but as a first time mom, i just can't help but be nervous. what foods did you allow your baby to feed themselves with no teeth? i have purchased so many things i wanted her to "try", and then i would get too nervous! help mamas!

i plan to "allow" her to be more daring, as i allow myself to be more brave.

she is now crawling and getting into everything, as it should be! and along with that, came some new rules of the house. although i am still learning to follow my own rules, i am trying to do the best for my daughter. i am attempting a no shoe policy, for obvious reasons. especially in the winter, when there is salt & chemicals on the ground. i don't need that getting tracked in the house. did you implement this rule when your baby became mobile? how did guests feel about it?

i kept telling my husband how i wanted a Swiffer Wet-Jet, so i could clean the floors (my house is only carpeted in the bedrooms), and Mila likes to crawl everywhere. we settled on the Swiffer Bissell Steamer. it works pretty well & the cleaning solution smells nice too. i am an organic type of girl, so i will have to hunt for organic floor cleaning pads that are compatible with the steamer. i recently purchased a bunch of Honest Company products, which i am loving, but haven't tried their floor cleaner yet. any suggestions for organic floor cleaners?

schedule. this one is super debatable amongst the mommy communities. in the beginning, obviously we didn't have her on a "schedule", she was just always eating & sleeping. but as she grew, i started learning her cues, and along came our routine. i never thought i would be a mom who had a "schedule" for their child, but as a stay at home mom, it's essential. it allows me to plan my day, know when i can shower, clean, eat & run errands. it has worked wonders for Mila, and in return, worked wonders for me.

my daughter has slept through the night ever since she was about 6-8 weeks old. she started off with 6 hours, then 8, and now she sleeps about 12-14 hours a night. straight. she goes to bed at 8, and wakes up anywhere between 8-10am the next morning. she is on 2 naps a day (about 2 hours each), but will always pass out in the car. of course my schedule gets all messed up on weekends, when daddy is home. but for the most part, he knows how i am with keeping her on it. i work my ass off to keep her happy all week, which keeps me sane. i know some people swear by their routines, especially if they have more than one child. and i know people who think i am crazy for having her on one. and honestly, i don't care either way. she is my daughter & i am home with her everyday. we are a team. i don't really like to call it a schedule, it's just become our everyday routine. did you have your kids on a routine? what worked? what didn't work? did you have a good support system?

there are so many things i said i would never do, but hey, shit happens. different things work for different babies, and families function is a million different ways. whatever works for you & your family, is perfect. stop the judgment. 

what other "rules of the house" did you implement with your little ones? as a first time mom, i love hearing what worked and what didn't. it's all a learning experience! happy baby, happy mommy!


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