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January 6, 2015

it's time to get back to my roots. i started my blog/youtube channel because i wanted to share my affordable beauty finds, tricks + tips to make your days a little easier. along the way, i got married, pregnant, and bought our first home. i decided to share my life with you guys, but thought you could all appreciate a little beauty hack.

i can't tell you the last time i paid someone to give me a manicure. i am so picky when it comes to my nails. they need to be a certain shape, length + need to be polished a certain way. my nails have always grown super quick, and there is no way i could justify spending $20 a week, just for them to chip 3 days later. no thank you. 

this began my nail polish obsession. since i have been doing my manicures myself, for years, i have realized that instead of paying top dollar for the new shellac products, you could do it at home. with no UV lights or special equipment. i have tried this with different brands, and have found the ones that seem to work the best for me.

here ya go ladies!

what you'll need:

a base coat
i use seché crystal clear base coat

colored polish

matte polish
i have been using essie

a clear top coat
i use seché dry fast top coat

what you'll do:

apply your base coat
when that sets, apply two coats of your colored polish

once dry, apply one thick coat of matte polish
this tends to dry pretty quick, but still wait a few minutes to make sure it's fully set

then apply your top shine coat

you want to make sure, which each coat, that you cover the entire nail - especially the tip of the nail. if you miss the tip, your nails have a greater chance of chipping since there is no barrier of protection.


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