family day | batsto village

last month John took us on a little family adventure to Batsto Village. when his job relocated him, he came across this place & knew that I would love it. we decided we would take the drive (about an hour), explore the area, then grab lunch! getting away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, was a treat in itself. but to be able to do that, with my family - you can't beat that! we had no idea, but Batsto Village is actually real… Read more

rocksbox | month 1

if this is the first time you guys are hearing about RocksBox, check a few posts back to see what they are all about - you will fall in love, just like i did! this month, i received my first box literally just as i was heading out to a Christmas party, perfect timing right?! i immediately took off the necklace i had on, and put on one of the items! i told you guys i would share each month, so here is my first RocksBox! honestly, at first - i was in… Read more

christmas photoshoot | danielle hughes photography

HAPPY DECEMBER! we had our much anticipated christmas shoot with danielle hughes photography  this week, and of course every single shot was perfection. it took me 3 days to finally decide on the one  for our christmas card, but i thought i would share some of the others with you guys! don't forget, there's still time to snag that 20% off your 2016 session with danielle hughes photography  - just check one post back for complete details! dani… Read more

photoshoot | danielle hughes photography

there's something to be said about a mom with a vision,  a woman with passion, and a beautiful growing friendship. enter danielle hughes photography . i seriously wish i could write the largest testimonial on her life , not just her amazing business - but i am hoping this will do.  the first time we shot with Danielle, was for Mila's upcoming first birthday. we had chatted prior about our "vision", and she literally finished all of… Read more

product review | arbonne ABC baby

as some of you may already know, i use to work with Arbonne in 2013. it was an amazing 3rd income (as me and john were both working), and i met so many great people! once i got pregnant, and was horribly sick for 6 months, it was hard to keep up with my loyal customers. i kept up with it for as long as i could, but once i had preterm labor, it was clear what my main focus needed to be. long story short, i still use their products. they have multi… Read more


I would love to collaborate with you & your company! please reach out if you think we would be a great match! EMAIL | GIANAXNICOLE@GMAIL.COM IG | @GNICCCCC Please include BLOG COLLAB in the subject! G. Read more

product review | bugaboo cameleon stroller

as i come into my 18th month as a mama, one of the first things I've learned? it's all trial and error as my husband reminds me daily, "you said this was the only one  you would need, now you want another?" yea yea .. i thought that  stroller was the one. and even that  baby bag. but here we are, 18 months later, 2 stroller in, and endless baby bags deep. if you're a mom, you know what i am talking about. when Mila hit about 10 m… Read more

mila's menu | veggie pasta + green gravy

since Mila sleeps so late into the day, its sometimes hard to get in all the nutrients she needs within such a small window. she normally has a large breakfast, small lunch, then a large dinner (if possible), along with her 16oz of almond milk each day. on days like today, when she slept a littler later than usual, i wanted to make sure her nutrient intake was just as good as any other day! Mila really enjoyed this one, since it was a little mes… Read more

OOTD: baby wearing

since recently purchasing a Sakura Bloom ring sling, i found myself getting more casual with my daily outfits. i needed something that was comfortable, since i would be wearing my daughter, but still somewhat  put together . i went to the Gap a few weeks back and grabbed some essential pieces that i thought would take me into the autumn weather, eventually.  apparently, we are in  prime  baby wearing weather, and this go-to look has been the best for… Read more


if you follow me on IG [@gniccccc], you would know that i recently started a 30 day yoga challenge ! so far i am loving it! i am honestly " better " than i thought i was. i find myself being able to stretch far more than i realized i could, and it's seriously a great workout. i have been following  Yoga with Adriene  and if you haven't checked her out, i highly recommend that you do.  mila has begun a new sleep schedule since she is … Read more

product review | the honest co.

a few years back when i first heard about the honest co.  i assumed they were too expensive because they were organic . i brushed them off, and it wasn't until i was living on my own, and now cleaning, that i gave them a second look.  their prices are far from  expensive , starting from just $1!  plus, now that everyone is jumping on the "organic" train, i thought i would share my thoughts on some of their products. they have products for… Read more

rules of the house | 9 months

this whole mom thing is trial and error, right? my childhood friend came over today, who is pregnant with her third, and we got to talking. i explained i was worried about letting Mila try certain foods because she doesn't have teeth yet. she said she felt the same with her first, but was a little more "brave" when allowing her second to have finger foods. i know Mila is capable of doing so much more than i allow her to, but as a f… Read more

it won't be like this for long

ironically, that's the song my dad + i danced to at my wedding. a memory i hold near + dear to my damaged heart. you don't remember much from your wedding day, but that moment, feels like it happened this morning. it feels like he was here this morning too.  i had an amazing upbringing, but honestly, i can't recall a lot of events. i can't recall the christmas presents, or the birthdays. but i do remember the beach days. coming ho… Read more

product review | ERGO

i never thought i would be a "baby wearing"  mom honestly. once becoming pregnant, i started following some instagram accounts, featuring nursing moms [since i was one] and a lot of them would nurse while their baby was in a wrap/babycarrier. still, i wasn't too into the look .  when my daughter wanted to be held for 3 days straight , i went to the store and bought a K'TAN baby wrap. having done no  research prior to this purchase, … Read more

beauty hack | shellac nails

it's time to get back to my roots . i started my blog/youtube channel because i wanted to share my affordable beauty finds, tricks + tips to make your days a little easier. along the way, i got married,  pregnant , and bought our first home. i decided to share my life with you guys, but thought you could all appreciate a little beauty hack . i can't tell you the last time i paid someone to give me a manicure. i am so picky  when it comes to my… Read more