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December 18, 2014

as we approach mila's first christmas, i wanted to make something that we would do each year to see how much she has grown. plus, these are adorable gifts. i saw this on one of my mommy friend's IG pages + loved the idea! i did a test run since i had a feeling it wasn't going to go as easy as i thought. good thing i did. my daughter is at the age where she grabs anything that is near her hands. so when i first tried to get her handprint into the dough, it was fine. but when i went to lift her hand off of the dough, she grabbed it. turning it into mush. thanks kid!

today, me and my mommy friend are attempting these once more. her twin girls are just about 10 days older than mila, so i figured we could tackle this together, along with some vodka [ha!] i may wind up doing mila's feet if her handprints don't turn out so good. 

enough about me, here's how we are getting down ..

what you'll need:

1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of flour
2 tablespoons of water

rolling pin
toothpick (optional)
string to hang ornament

[you can also decorate it, as we will be doing]
for that, just get paint, clear sealant spray + whatever else you want to use

what you'll do:

first, preheat your oven to 250

mix salt, flour + water together in a bowl
[depending on how much you want, you can double/triple the recipe]

you want to make sure the dough is dry

sprinkle flour onto counter [or cutting board]
and roll the dough into a sheet

you want to keep the dough at a decent thickness
since you want their prints to be noticeable

press their hands, or feet, into dough
you'll want to then cut the prints out, leaving space around them

once you have finished the prints, if you want to write on it, use a toothpick to do so
or you can leave it, and paint it later. or just leave it au natural for a moral organic look

use the straw to make a hole at the top,
so you can later attach yawn + hang it from your tree

bake for 30 minutes or so, check periodically to make sure they don't burn

once cooked, you can now decorate!

use paint, glitter, or whatever else you can find. you can also use cookie cutters to cut them out, or add in food coloring to change up the looks of each one. get creative. 

then add in your yawn + vwaalaaaaa! a masterpiece.


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