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December 12, 2014

boy do we love food in this house, especially on the weekends! when i was younger, my family + i would go to this pizzeria in our town (mainly because i had a crush on one of the owner's sons) but the food was delicious too. crazy, but the place is still there - and one day after a surprise spa day (thanks to my fabulous husband), we stopped in for dinner. his favorite thing in the world? buffalo chicken pizza. i was never a huge fan, but after having it at this pizzeria, i was hooked. we have tried it at a few different places, but of course, theirs was the best.

i thought about making it a few times at home, since i had attempted it before. but i know it would never be as good at theirs. then i had a brilliant idea - buffalo chicken pasta! i put my own little spin on it, so i am sure you could do the same to make it more appealing to your family.

what you'll need:

pasta of your choice, i used rigatoni
chicken (cooked or raw)
garlic powder
frank's hot sauce: buffalo style
bleu cheese dressing
shredded mozzarella or crumbled bleu cheese (optional)

obviously depending on the amount of people
you are cooking for, the measurements will be different,
but i am more of a "by eye" kind of cooker anyways! :)

what you'll do:

first you'll want to cook your chicken (if you bought it raw)
dice it up & let it cook in a pan (you can add oil if you want), about 5-10 minutes or until completely cooked.

cook your pasta, drain
add chicken to pasta, along with buffalo sauce, salt & pepper, and your garlic powder

i waited until i was about to serve to add the following:
bleu cheese dressing
shredded cheese

*some people prefer ranch dressing, which i am sure would be great too*

stir it up and enjoy!
i served this with some homemade garlic bread, just to add some extra carbs.


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