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December 31, 2014

for as long as i can remember, i wanted to be a mother. and not just any mother, but a stay at home mother. i wanted to get my kids ready for school everyday, drop them off & pick them up, drive them across town for their sports, run my own errands, clean the house, make dinner. that's how i always envisioned my life.

being a mother. 

for anyone who thinks being a SAHM is a "glamorous" lifestyle, i feel sorry for you. it is not a get out of jail free card because i don't have to "clock in/clock out".

it doesn't mean all those college classes were a "waste",
and it sure as hell does not mean "oh, you don't work".

sometimes i have to remind myself that i am doing what most people can't do. not just financially, but mentally. yes, it is a blessing to be able to live off of one income. is it tough? sure. but you know what? we lived our lives. we spent money on stupid shit. really stupid shit. we took those vacations. we had the fancy wedding. we did it.

most people get up to their alarms, hit snooze a few times, run for the coffee, and head off to a job that they hate. they spend 40+ hours a week, away from their family. at a job that they hate. they commute, meet deadlines, at a job that they hate. and if you are a working mother (bless your soul), then your days are even crazier. waking the kids up to get them to daycare in time for you to get to work on time, only to rush back to them before the school closes.

sometimes i wish i could have been a women who truly was career driven. i remember boyfriend's saying "well you can't just be a mom when you grow up. you have to have goals". now they are ex-boyfriends. and please don't get me wrong, i didn't marry my husband because he allowed me to be home with our daughter. i didn't marry him because his income is "enough" for our family. i married him because we had the same vision. he was raised by a SAHM and he knew how lucky he was. 

i feel like people look at SAHM's as a filler. like our "jobs" don't really mean anything because we don't bring home a paycheck. which in return, makes me second guess my decision to be home. it makes me feel like those college classes were a waste. it makes friendly conversations uncomfortable because "oh, you stay home? that must be nice" 

.. yea, nice. 

it's nice not showering for 3 days. it's nice taking care of a screaming baby, with a fever, while you have a fever yourself. it's nice to forget to eat, again.

so the next time you run into a SAHM, remember this post. remember that they don't get to call in sick, or take a personal day. they don't get to hit snooze. they don't get to enjoy that hot cup of heaven. they DO work. just because we don't wear a uniform, doesn't mean our job doesn't matter. and just because we don't bring home a paycheck, doesn't mean we don't contribute. 

we may never have to clock in, but that's only because we never get to
c l o c k  o u t .



  1. Seriously? You have one kid. You're telling me you can't put her in a bumbo seat on the bathroom floor and take a 5 min shower everyday? You forget to eat? Lol how does that even happen?

    1) if you're planning for more you should probably work that out.

    2) working moms don't get to call in sick either. We still have to be a mom with a fever. We don't ever clock out either. We bust our asses to make a living and then come home and parent, clean, cook, do laundry, and SHOWER (when did you think working moms shower- at work?)

    And we do it all while being judged by those who think we are either selfish for WANTING a career and having "other people raise our kids" - or - we must not be able to afford to stay home, how sad... Our poor kids.

    Being a SAHM is extremely difficult but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel lucky to do it, especially if that was your parenting goal. But don't make it sound like working moms don't face the same struggles.

    And seriously- take a shower... It's not that hard.

    1. how unfortunate that you left your comment anonymously, now i can't tell you directly what a "super mom" you must be for working both inside & outside of your home (as i state in ALL of my SAHM posts, including this one .. maybe you missed that part). showering at work? wouldn't that be a dream :)

      i never judge in any of my posts about motherhood, maybe you should do the same. we are all in this together, or so i thought? we all have different parenting techniques and lifestyles. although mine seems to be different from yours, that doesn't make it any LESS of a lifestyle. and visa versa.

      i praise working mothers, as it should be, which i why i only SHARE what i KNOW. which is being a SAHM. i don't speak about things that i don't know about.

      and yes, i could easily take a 5 minute shower, especially with my daughters amazing sleeping habits, but unfortunately, there are other things to tend to in my life besides washing my hair or making myself a nice lunch. oh how i wish i had a second pair of hands sometimes!

      i encourage you to read some of my other posts about mommy hood (if you have the time of course, i know you must be exhausted from working and rightfully so) to maybe see how i do always address how blessed i am to be able to stay home, even if i don't scream it from the rooftops.

      i'll be sure to take a hot shower tonight, wouldn't want to bring in the new year smelling like pears.

      happy new year supermom! xoxo

  2. I feel bad for the person who felt the need to be so arrogant in the previous post. I have so much respect for stay at home moms as I do for working moms. It doesn't matter if you work or you do not work all it matters is you have a little miracle that you and your husband brought into this world. I have respect for all mothers because no matter how old your child is it is will always be hard work. But either way I have so much respect for mothers and everyone should encourage each other not feel the need to belittle people.

    1. I couldn't agree more. it felt more like a personal attack to be honest, but since they left it anonymous, I guess I'll never know. YES! all that matters is that little miracle that you brought into the world! SAHMs shouldn't feel bad for "not working" and WORKING MOMS shouldn't feel bad about "not being home". it's always a lose/lose ya know? we just have to stick together & always support each other's decisions, even if they're different than ours! :) thank you for your comment!

  3. Just keep being an amazing mother to your daughter. The haters will always hate! Have a great day and happy new year! I always enjoy reading your posts !!

    1. thank you so much! i am trying my best, as we all are :) happy new year to you too! i appreciate you checking my posts out! so awesome! thank you!


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