my holiday wish list

December 15, 2014

10 more days until christmas morning. how crazy is that?! so as a new mom, i laugh at my mental wish list for the holidays. times have changed so much. these are my top items. comfy, basic + universal items.

1. a new robe / since i had to throw away my old one, thanks mila

2. essie - wicked / i can't seem to find this shade anywhere. it's so gorgeous

3. crest whitening strips / a moms gotta pamper herself right?

4. a messenger bag / since my baby bag is huge, this would be so helpful for quick errands

5. black leggings / no explanation. these are all i wear

6. UA in-fared top / i have the matching leggings, but am lusting over the top (in black)

7. ugg moccasin slippers / obsessed. perfect for the cold months

8. oversized sweater / love the turtleneck style on this one. so perfect for winter

what are some items you are lusting over?
make sure to tell santa!

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