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December 16, 2014

hey guys! so as my views increase daily, i wanted to say thank you! as a stay at home mom, this is sometimes my only outlet into the real world. i share my thoughts, fears & everything in between. i wanted to say thank you to those who have been so supportive & check out my posts, even if it's just to pass some time.

although i wish i could kiss each of you (don't tell my husband), i thought a little give-a-way would be nice, especially around the holidays. here is how to enter:

comment on this post & let me know
what you love most about the holidays

since i don't expect to get a million submissions,
picking a winner should be pretty easy. the prizes will be beauty related.

- one submission daily -
- US residents only -

winner will be announced
christmas day

also, let me know if you guys would like a mommy give-a-way. i really wanted to do one of those too, but not sure how many mommies read my page! let know know :) 

thanks again so much
without you guys, i wouldn't enjoy this as much as i do



  1. Mommy giveaway for sure! I love when the holidays aren't all about gifts; just being able to spend time with family all in one place. I especially love teaching my daughter our holiday traditions :) Merry Christmas! You're so sweet for hosting a giveaway.

  2. Yay mommy give away! I love reading what you share. The holidays always brought my family together and that's what means the most to me. I love how my family has even opened their doors and welcomed people I know. They make them feel as though they were in the family bc they didn't have anywhere to go on the holiday. I use to work at a group home and I still bring home one of the ladies that doesn't have a family. I love how she can walk in and feel a part of my family and welcome every year! Seeing her happy fills my heart with so much joy!


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