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November 27, 2014

i first met alicia cook while working at Hollister, about 8 years ago. i didn't work there long, but immediately took to her light & positive personality. well, all these years later, thanks to the power of #instagram, our love of writing helped our paths to cross once more. 

aside from having her first story published when she was in the third grade, she has recently written about the attacks of 9/11, the tragic loss of a family member due to addiction and the personal effects that super-storm sandy had on her hometown of toms river. her pieces are highly relatable, and the imagery she adds to them is totally worth a #screenshot.

even though #instagram may have reconnected us, she is way beyond just @thealiciacook [seriously, follow this chick], she has just signed her first book deal with underwater mountains publishing. her book "entranced" has 4 editions available for pre-order now, available everywhere 2/17/15 --> click here

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ends sunday, november 30th

can we discuss this artwork she created for the book? i am obsessed.

i had never collaborated on my blog before, but i knew that if/when i decided to, i wanted to introduce a fierce female to my readers. i am all about women empowering women & this is just the first chapter of greatness for miss alicia cook. i hope you all take the time to check out her, send her positive vibes, and continue to follow her journey.


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