what's in my diaper bag?

October 11, 2014

i have been wanting to do this post for a while, but i think i finally got the hang of "i don't need everything" .. even though when i do take something out of my diaper bag, i normally will need it that day for something. typical. but here is a run down of the essentials that i carry with me.

my diaper bag:

i fell in love with this bag the second i saw it. i loved that it didn't look like a diaper bag, plus an oversized bag is my favorite thing! timi & leslie "charlie" in chestnut. i don't recommend this bag if you are on the shorter side. this bag is HUGE. it will swallow a super petite person.

it also comes with tons of goodies! i don't use all of them, but the ones i can't live without are the add on straps for hooking it onto strollers or carts/turning it into a cross body bag, the padded changing pad & the clutch - which is PERFECT for all your "mommy" stuff - license, credit cards & coupons!

check out all TIMI & LESLIE items --> HERE

what's inside?

always need an extra change of clothes!

the cutest socks of course!

diaper cream, just in case! i have been loving this cream. its super thick!

these don't even need a reason! these blankets are delicious in every sense of the word!

i have a hanging anti-bacterial gel hanging outside of my bag so i always remember to use it!

perfect for those extra stinky diapers! these are like a portable diaper genie. i LOVE them!

obviously some diapers!

my favorite wipes!

the best formula dispenser! i always fill this (4 divided spaces) & bring extra bottles just in case i am out longer than anticipated.

the rest of the items are pretty much my necessities - lip balm, hand lotion & of course my phone!

hope you guys enjoyed this post! as a mom, its great to see what others use on their day to day journey with their little ones!


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