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October 1, 2014

where has the time gone?! i have been slacking so much on here - i apologize, but i am putting family first the last few weeks & keeping things in order on the home front. i have been spending my time with amazing friends who have turned into family, and of course those fabulous people in my bloodline who i am so lucky to have in my life.

i thought i would share some of the things miss mila has achieved over the last few weeks. i am so proud of her & i can't believe i am lucky enough to be her mommy! such a first time mom over here, but i can't help but gloat about her. she is the greatest gift, as all mommies can agree on!

// crib sleeping
i was super worried about this because of all the horror stories you hear, but she has been doing amazing. the first new nights i went in to check on her (she sleeps in her own room, and i use the video monitor) a few times & john would say "she is okay.." but as a mama, you know you have to go poke them to make sure. she also goes down with no struggle. we do not use a pacifier or anything, she lays down for a few minutes, then rolls over & passes out. she still is sleeping 11+ hours a night [8pmish - 7amish]. we are still working on napping in the crib though, she's not the biggest fan.

// food
we have been doing 1 food per week, since john has some food allergies & mila has a milk sensitivity, we wanted to take our time & make sure she didn't have any issues. we do organic whole grain brown rice, which she loves. and now we have introduced avocado - which she really enjoys! we are just doing 1 meal at day, around lunch. to give her time to digest.

// rolling over
she has mastered the back to belly, but still needs some help going belly to back. i will put her on her play mat, start to clean up her room, and i turn around and she is flipped over. she loves rolling, but hates being on her belly for a long amount of time.

// sitting up
she does this pretty well if you ask me. we recently bought the boppy chair since we started solids, and she loves it. it gives her a totally new view on her surroundings. she can sit up with little assistance now, but sometimes she will face dive if you don't catch her in time!

// language
she totally knows her name which i think is hilarious. she will turn & look at your if you call to her. she smiles constantly, but mainly at familiar faces. it takes a lot for her to smile at someone she doesn't recognize, but she is getting there. so knows when i tell her that its time to eat, take a bath or when its time for sleep. i think she mainly recognizes the things in front of her for these times, like her bottles, tub or dark room - she is such a smart little cookie!

// belly laughs
she has officially mastered the belly laugh! this was a struggle for a little because she would do it very rarely, but now it's a daily occurrence. she always laughs at john when he does silly things, or when he is walking behind us when we walk down the steps. she thinks its hilarious! certain sounds i make she laughs at, but of course daddy is her favorite, and i can't argue with that!

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