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August 14, 2014

since becoming a new mom 3 months ago, i realized there are a few things that i could not live without. i am lucky to be able to stay home with my daughter, so i wanted to share a few items that make my life a little easier. if you know a new mom, and are going to visit for the first time, it's always nice to pamper the woman who just brought another life into this world.

| b e a u t y |

1. hand lotion // new mamas tend to be elbows deep in washing dirty bottles all day, and with that obviously comes dry hands. help a girl out.

2. self tanner // now if your new mama is breastfeeding, ask a DR first. but a little color is something that can make her feel a little less like a zombie.

3. chap stick // yes yes yes. a nice moisturizing chap stick always helps a girl feel good, especially on those "no make-up days" .. which are usually everyday now.

| p a m p e r i n g |




4. comfy bottoms // if your new mama will be indoors most of her days, the last thing she wants to feel like is a bum. cute + comfy bottoms are the perfect thing for her to knock around in + still feel somewhat put together, for herself + for any guests.

5. slippers // um yes. i was on the hunt for slippers + recently saw my sister-in-law in these really cute ones. i jumped on amazon that second and ordered them. such a great buy! odds are your new mama will be on her feet the majority of the day, the last thing she wants is any added foot/back pain. unless you are going to rub her feet every night (HINT HINT)

| r a n d o m s |

6. car charger // this may seem a little strange, but when your new mom is running all over town for DR appointments, diapers & her much needed coffee, the last thing she wants is to feel disconnected from the world (and her baby daddy, incase something goes wrong)! 

7. wine // when all else fails, bring that girl some wine.

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