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August 20, 2014

having gone to a few baby showers this year, i constantly see the same things. diapers, wipes, clothes, you know -- the basics. although those things are very appreciated & much needed, there are still some items that every expecting mama will love - she just doesn't know about them.

thanks to #instagram, i have recently become obsessed with certain baby/trendy accounts. drooling over each post, here are some items that i feel every mom would love to open .. cue the OOHS & AHHS.

baby wraps
i personally didn't think i would be the "baby wearing" type, but after a few days of dishes piling up & a screaming baby, i caved. i am a cloth kind of girl, but there are so many choices.

ERGO BABY // $120-$160
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MOBY BABY WRAP //  $45-$60
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like i said, i have recently become obsessed with trendy baby pages on #instagram & moccasins are the newest thing! super cute for boy or girl, and tons of patterns to pick from. most companies will actually customize your pair. how freakin' cute?!

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ETSY // $15
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night time
if you're a new mama, you know how paranoid you are when baby goes down to nap/sleep. these items make that a little easier.

ANGELCARE // $110+ depending on model
this monitors your baby's movement, breathing, sound +  body temperature.
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SNUZA HERO // $130+ depending on model
this monitor clips onto baby's diaper & monitors their breathing. if baby doesn't take a breath for 10 seconds, it'll vibrate to startle baby. if baby doesn't take breath for 20 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert mom/dad.
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hope you enjoyed this post. any expecting mamas, be sure to add these items to your registry. you can thank me later!


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