style | fall fashion

i can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that next week is September. we have had such an eventful summer: buying our first home, renovating, having a baby. we are exhausted. i can't wait to see what the fall  has in store for our family.  while getting some last minute things for mila's baptism this weekend, i stumbled upon some great pieces for the colder weather months. i use to love  the summer (thanks to my dad, we were at the… Read more

life update

the last few weeks have been a blur. we have been getting so much stuff situated before we embark on a new chapter in our lives, and as any new stay at home mom will tell you -- there aren't enough hours in a day . my husband's work schedule puts him out of the house for pretty much the entire day/night, just making it home in time for mila's bedtime, which leaves me  to run the show.  i always imagined myself being home with my kids. i… Read more

baby | what mom needs, but doesn't realize

having gone to a few baby showers this year, i constantly see the same things. diapers, wipes, clothes, you know -- the basics. although those things are very appreciated & much needed, there are still some items that every expecting mama will love - she just doesn't know about them. thanks to #instagram, i have recently become obsessed with certain baby/trendy accounts. drooling over each post, here are some items that i feel every mom w… Read more

must-have | new mommy items

since becoming a new mom 3 months ago, i realized there are a few things that i could not live without. i am lucky to be able to stay home with my daughter, so i wanted to share a few items that make my life a little easier. if you know a new mom, and are going to visit for the first time, it's always nice to pamper the woman who just brought another life into this world. | b e a u t y | 1. hand lotion  // new mamas tend to be elbows deep in wa… Read more

mommy post | breastfeeding

morning ladies! as some of you may know, august is national breastfeeding awareness  month. since i am obviously a new mom, i wanted to bring attention to this. once we found out we were pregnant, i knew right away that i wanted to breastfeed. i was the 1st in my group of friends to get pregnant, so i didn't really have anyone to go to for advice. my husband & i signed up for a class at a local hospital, which was very informative. it was … Read more