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August 26, 2014

 i can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that next week is September. we have had such an eventful summer: buying our first home, renovating, having a baby. we are exhausted. i can't wait to see what the fall has in store for our family. 

while getting some last minute things for mila's baptism this weekend, i stumbled upon some great pieces for the colder weather months. i use to love the summer (thanks to my dad, we were at the beach from 8am-6pm everyday), but as i got older - and had to actually work - my summers never seemed as fun as when i was younger.  and rightfully so. i really like the fall fashion, and even find myself incorporating it into my summer wardrobe too. here are some of the great finds i came across while running around town, as usual.

d e n i m | s h i r t s

m i l i t a r y | j a c k e t s

m u s t a r d | p a n t s

r e d | p a n t s

life update

the last few weeks have been a blur. we have been getting so much stuff situated before we embark on a new chapter in our lives, and as any new stay at home mom will tell you -- there aren't enough hours in a day. my husband's work schedule puts him out of the house for pretty much the entire day/night, just making it home in time for mila's bedtime, which leaves me to run the show. 

i always imagined myself being home with my kids. i never wanted them in daycare being raised by other people, while i was at work - just to throw my money back into daycare. especially with my husband gone, i didn't want to be absent as well. 

but to be honest, i never imagined it being so challenging. your priorities change. your "socializing" time is pretty much shot to shit - phone calls are a thing of the past, texts only please. invitations to events go out the window too. people assume you are too busy, and even though you may be, you would have loved to have just been thought of - even if they knew you would decline. 

life changes. you are now taking care of a human being 24/7. you're on call every second, of everyday. they make the rules. if you have to pee, and they are crying. guess what? you're holding it. if you woke up at 5am and it is now 2pm and you still haven't eaten anything, guess what? tough shit.

but as impossible as it may sound, you don't care.

you are too busy playing peek-a-boo to realize everyone went out the night before & drank all night. you are giving kisses to fix tears. you are a human restaurant, a human burp cloth. you are too busy playing "horsey" to realize the 4 days worth of dishes in the sink. who cares anyways?!

your life finally doesn't revolve around nights out at the bar, or double tapping pictures on instagram (even though on some days, that will be your only form of human contact). your life has meaning. you suddenly don't give a shit if all your friends went out the night before & you just to happen to miss the invite. all the "i can't wait to meet the baby" texts, soon turn into "wow she is walking already?". you finally see people's true colors when your life goes beyond theirs.

i am not sure if this is a rant, or just how i realized the turn my life has made. i may not have an extra set of hands helping me, or someone to have an actual adult conversation with until 8 o'clock at night, but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. the smiles i get throughout the day are worth more than any paycheck or night out. the best thing in the world is being a mom. seriously. the best.

baby | what mom needs, but doesn't realize

August 20, 2014

having gone to a few baby showers this year, i constantly see the same things. diapers, wipes, clothes, you know -- the basics. although those things are very appreciated & much needed, there are still some items that every expecting mama will love - she just doesn't know about them.

thanks to #instagram, i have recently become obsessed with certain baby/trendy accounts. drooling over each post, here are some items that i feel every mom would love to open .. cue the OOHS & AHHS.

baby wraps
i personally didn't think i would be the "baby wearing" type, but after a few days of dishes piling up & a screaming baby, i caved. i am a cloth kind of girl, but there are so many choices.

ERGO BABY // $120-$160
click to buy

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MOBY BABY WRAP //  $45-$60
click to buy

like i said, i have recently become obsessed with trendy baby pages on #instagram & moccasins are the newest thing! super cute for boy or girl, and tons of patterns to pick from. most companies will actually customize your pair. how freakin' cute?!

click to buy

ETSY // $15
click to buy

night time
if you're a new mama, you know how paranoid you are when baby goes down to nap/sleep. these items make that a little easier.

ANGELCARE // $110+ depending on model
this monitors your baby's movement, breathing, sound +  body temperature.
click to buy

SNUZA HERO // $130+ depending on model
this monitor clips onto baby's diaper & monitors their breathing. if baby doesn't take a breath for 10 seconds, it'll vibrate to startle baby. if baby doesn't take breath for 20 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert mom/dad.
click to buy

hope you enjoyed this post. any expecting mamas, be sure to add these items to your registry. you can thank me later!


must-have | new mommy items

August 14, 2014

since becoming a new mom 3 months ago, i realized there are a few things that i could not live without. i am lucky to be able to stay home with my daughter, so i wanted to share a few items that make my life a little easier. if you know a new mom, and are going to visit for the first time, it's always nice to pamper the woman who just brought another life into this world.

| b e a u t y |

1. hand lotion // new mamas tend to be elbows deep in washing dirty bottles all day, and with that obviously comes dry hands. help a girl out.

2. self tanner // now if your new mama is breastfeeding, ask a DR first. but a little color is something that can make her feel a little less like a zombie.

3. chap stick // yes yes yes. a nice moisturizing chap stick always helps a girl feel good, especially on those "no make-up days" .. which are usually everyday now.

| p a m p e r i n g |




4. comfy bottoms // if your new mama will be indoors most of her days, the last thing she wants to feel like is a bum. cute + comfy bottoms are the perfect thing for her to knock around in + still feel somewhat put together, for herself + for any guests.

5. slippers // um yes. i was on the hunt for slippers + recently saw my sister-in-law in these really cute ones. i jumped on amazon that second and ordered them. such a great buy! odds are your new mama will be on her feet the majority of the day, the last thing she wants is any added foot/back pain. unless you are going to rub her feet every night (HINT HINT)

| r a n d o m s |

6. car charger // this may seem a little strange, but when your new mom is running all over town for DR appointments, diapers & her much needed coffee, the last thing she wants is to feel disconnected from the world (and her baby daddy, incase something goes wrong)! 

7. wine // when all else fails, bring that girl some wine.

mommy post | breastfeeding

August 5, 2014

morning ladies! as some of you may know, august is national breastfeeding awareness month. since i am obviously a new mom, i wanted to bring attention to this.

once we found out we were pregnant, i knew right away that i wanted to breastfeed. i was the 1st in my group of friends to get pregnant, so i didn't really have anyone to go to for advice. my husband & i signed up for a class at a local hospital, which was very informative. it was nice to hear all the mom's experiences & what they hope to do different during their current pregnancy.

when Mila was born, she did not want to latch onto anything. she was exhausted, and rightfully so! we tried to help her to latch on me, but she wasn't exactly sure what to do. the nurses were worried so they tried to give her some formula, which i told them i wasn't opposed to, if that's what needed to be done. but she didn't want that artificial nipple either. little princess. 

i began to pump to help bring in my supply. at first, just the colostrum was coming through - which the nurses said was the "best" for newborns, so i felt good about that. she eventually latched onto me - finallllly!

each nurse gave me different tips on how to hold Mila while she was feeding. we tried them all, and eventually found the one that worked best for her & me. she was eating great, about 12-15 minutes total, which was great for a newborn (or so i was told).

she loved to sleep, so we would have to wake her up to eat, which i stopped doing when we came home. if she wanted to sleep, i would let her sleep. she would tell me if she was hungry.

i was super nervous coming home without a nurse, mine were so amazing in the hospital. i wasn't sure i would be able to properly nurse my baby without the assistance of a nurse, but we did great

in the hospital, i had asked the nurses if Mila was "tongue tied", since she wasn't latching onto anything. they informed me that she was not - but i had a feeling she was (i worked in a medical office prior to becoming pregnant, so i was familiar with the procedure). at Mila's first pediatrician visit, we were informed that she was tongue tied. MAMA ALWAYS KNOWS! we went to my old office the same day & she had it taken care of.

after that, her latch was so much stronger! she was able to eat more - which hurt me, but i knew it was better for my baby. after a few days of her super sucking, it started to be painful. i used the healing balms, which helped a little. every time she would latch, i would cringe the first few sucks because it was so painful. 

i was told at the breastfeeding class, "if it hurts, you're not doing it right" .. so of course i thought i was a failure. i don't think i was doing it wrong, i was just a mama who's nipples were being sucked off every 3 hours. can ya blame a girl?!

once my husband went back to work after his bonding leave, it was really hard to keep up with breastfeeding. when he was home, he was making my meals, feeding me, and making sure i was taken care of. but when he went back to work (14 hour shifts), it was all me. i wasn't eating/drinking like i should, which in return, dwindled my milk supply. i tried to best, but at 6 weeks - my supply was pretty much over.

at around 3-4 weeks i started pumping because i wanted to build up my supply & store some for when we went out of the house. i honestly think that pumping messed me all up. i would pump 5-7 ounces at a time, but then when she would need to feed, i felt like i didn't have anything to give her.

i cried of course, but knew from the beginning that i was open to whatever happened along the way. i am a very go with the flow type of person, so i accepted it & moved forward with my beautiful, healthy daughter.

my mommy tip for breast-feeding: do what you feel is right. keep a supportive group of people around you & do your best to stay positive, no matter what the outcome is. your baby needs your love, which can be given from your breast, bottle, or formula.


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