"oh, just wait .."

July 14, 2014

if you've been pregnant, you have heard "OH, JUST WAIT" a least a million times. everyone who has given birth thinks that they know it all. that phrase is my ultimate pet peeve, and having recently caught myself saying this, i knew this post was due.

don't get me wrong, i loved hearing everyone experiences, but no two pregnancies are the same. no two births are the same. so if you are expecting, take it all in, and then let it out. 

i wanted to share my take on what i was told, vs. what actually went down. again, everyone is different. but i actually feel like i was "warned" for things that did not happen for me. i had doctors & nurses ask me multiple times "this is your first baby? wow, you got it easy". i guess i was lucky, but i was prepared for much worse. pregnancy & birth is an amazing thing & i would hate for someone to fear what their body is about to experience because of what people told them. misery loves company.

you're going to rip
negative. i did not need any stitches. maybe it's because i only pushed for less than 5 minutes, but i did not require any stitches or "fixing" down there.

it's going to burn when you push
another negative. my epidural wore off so i know what i felt, and it was not burning. i had slight pressure. not the "oh it's going to feel like you have to take a really huge shit" - no. 

you're going to shit the bed
i didn't, but i know this is common. i think it depends on the last time you ate & when you have your baby. i hadn't eaten for 24 hours by the time i gave birth.

your first poop is the worst thing ever
i was petrified, but nope. i was fine.

you'll bleed for 6 weeks after
i bled for 2 weeks after. trust me, it was a heavy bleed at certain moments, but 2 weeks & i was finished. 

the hospital panties are disgusting
um, they aren't VS - but they are amazing. they were my favorite thing in the world. before i left the hospital, i asked my discharge nurse for extras of everything, especially the undies - i was so mad when i ran out. stock up. they're amazing. 

i wish i could think of more, but these are the ones that stand out in my mind at the moment. i hope this helped some of my mama-to-be's. don't fear what you are about to experience. it's beyond amazing, no matter what kind of "birth" you have. it's worth every second.


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