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July 9, 2014

3:45am -- the first contraction
we had just moved into our new house 2 nights sooner. i was finally in a deep sleep & then BOOM! they weren't that strong so i didn't think anything of it. my husband got up for work a little while later, and i told him not to worry and go to work. i planned on sleeping it off if possible, i didn't want him to miss work because i had some little "pains". i told him that if i did go to the hospital, i would keep him updated. just because i was having pains, doesn't mean they would admit me into the hospital. he argued, but listened.

about an hour later they became a little stronger & more frequent. i started logging them in my phone so incase i had to call my DR, i had some information to give her - not just "it hurts!". around 530am i called my DR, she told me once the "pains" were about 5 minutes apart for an hour straight, i could go right to the hospital. OH MAN. 

i logged them for the next hour & at that point, being home alone, i was really scared. having had pre term contractions at 31 weeks, i really didn't want to be alone. i called my husband and told him "get your ass back home". by 730am he was back home and i had managed to wash myself up, get dressed & get my bag together. who knew what was going to happen. i sure had no idea what i was in for.

8:30am -- me & my hospital bed
they hooked me and baby girl up to the monitors, and we watched my contractions blow up the screen. about 2-3 minutes apart at this point, but not too painful. i think at this point i was 2cm dilated. we knew that there was a possibility they would send us home if the labor didn't progress quickly. i really wasn't sure what was going to happen. my nurse was AMAZING & catered to me like i was her own daughter. she called my DR and informed her of my progress (or lack there of) and came back to tell me they were going to keep me a little longer, until the DR got there to check me herself.

i may have taken a few little cat naps, but couldn't sleep too long because of my nerves. i still wasn't dilating anymore than 2cm, so they asked if i wanted to walk around to see if that would help. i was ready to rock. john and i walked around for about 20 minutes. the strongest contraction would always come right when we were walking passed our room, so eventually, i gave up & just wanted to go back to bed. 

12pm -- hello doctor
this part was the biggest blur. my DR came in, said hi, lifted up my gown & said "okay, let's break this water!" i was 3cm & full of emotion. before i knew it, she had broken my water & the woman came in to give me my epidural. john held my hand as she broke my water & i sobbed like a little baby from fear. i wasn't ready for this. i didn't expect this to happen today. we had been preparing for weeks, but i didn't think the day was ever going to actually come! but we were here & this baby was coming!

i told john to go home & get the last of our things, he argued. i told him the baby wasn't going to come in the next hour, so just go get our stuff. he listened of course. my epidural was scary. i didn't plan on getting one in the beginning, but after this pain, i said OHH, LET'S GET THIS EPIDURAL GOING! again, my nurse was so amazing. she held my shoulders from the front & kept me distracted while the woman administered the epidural. boom. it was done & i was feeling good about 20 minutes later. 

i rested my eyes until john got back, which seemed like 5 minutes.

3pm -- stupid ice chips
i was starving! i hadn't eaten since about 8pm the night before .. but i was only allowed to eat ice chips now. horrible. we made our phone calls to family to inform them of what was going on & that once we had a better idea of when the baby was coming, we would call them. well of course nobody listened & we had them in our room a short while after. i felt good so i didn't mind the company, plus i was going in and out of sleep.

4pm -- oxygen mask time
when i was awake, my eyes were glued to my monitors. i wanted to watch what my body was doing & how my baby was responding to it. i wanted to make sure she was okay. her heart rate began to drop due to lack of oxygen (as i was told) and my nurse came in & gave me the oxygen mask to help bring her heart rate back up. it didn't take long before she was back on track. THAT'S MY GIRL! i kept it on a little while longer just to be safe.

5pm -- fast & furious
i think around this time i was about 6cm dilated, i really don't remember the time frame exactly. our families were getting excited, and i was getting more nervous. my mom began to walk up to my bed & before she even touched me, i started to sob. i wasn't ready. i wasn't ready to meet my baby. what if she didn't like me? what if something went wrong? i wanted my dad with me. i couldn't believe he wasn't here to see this (in human form at least). i had so many emotions running through my head. i was just a mess. oxygen mask and all. 

6pm -- not so fun anymore
my nurse came in & suggested i sit a certain way so the baby would drop a little further to help things progress. THIS. WAS. THE. END. OF. FEELING. GOOD. about 20 minutes into sitting this certain way, she was coming down! my pain was excruciating. there really are no words to describe this. i was sweating, screaming & pissed that i wasn't numb anymore. 

i told the nurse and DR that i needed another epidural because i could feel EVERYTHING that was happening. they said in a few minutes they would have the woman come up & give me more of the goods. it felt like days, but she finally came. 

they escorted our families into the waiting room & that's when i knew it was about to go down. i was MISERABLE. screaming. everyone heard me. i really didn't think i was going to react this way. i couldn't handle the pain. this shit sucked. i had them give me the oxygen mask back because i felt like i was going to faint from the pain. luckily, i didn't. or maybe i wasn't that lucky.

7pm -- go time
around this time, my DR came in to "double check" my cervix .. 9cm - fabulous. is it over yet? no? great. she said we would start to push in about an hour depending how my body responded. she probably tried to get out of my room as soon as possible since i was a crazy person. i felt so bad. at this point, my amazing nurse had gone off shift & i had the night nurse. she wasn't bad, but not like my first one. the epidural still hadn't kicked back in so i begged for more. they looked at me like i had 6 heads. they administered more, maybe .. they could have pretended just to calm me down. either way, it worked .. for now. UGH. at about 7:28pm i felt the most horrible pain i have ever felt. i told john to get the DR because she was coming out - no lie. he looked at me like i was insane. no john, go get the DR, the baby is about to come out.

7:30pm -- knees up
the DR came in, threw gloves on & went right under my gown. i screamed "GET EVERYTHING OFF! I WANT TO BE NAKED!" i was so hot, in so much pain. i didn't want anything on me, or anyone touching me to be honest but i knew that wasn't going to happen. john also reminded me that i yelled "CUT HER OUT OF ME!" .. but i try to blur that one out. my knees went up & that was it.

1st push .. her head was peaking
2nd push .. her head was out
3rd push .. her shoulders
4th push .. she was here

7:34pm -- hello baby girl
she was here. holy shit. 4 pushes and she was here. my little human. this little thing that was kicking me. keeping me up all night. making me vomit for 6 months. she was here. i looked at john who was looking at our baby in awe.

i can honestly say that pushing one of the easiest parts. everyone said it would feel like burning, ripping, etc .. i just felt a little pressure. no pain. no ripping. no burning. just pressure.

i looked at my baby girl & couldn't believe i had just pushed her out of my body. i put my head back, and she laid on my chest. she was perfect. 10 fingers. 10 toes. all symmetric. she was gorgeous. she was here & she was ours. forever.

May 4th, 2014 | 7:34pm | 7lbs 2oz | 19 1/4 inches
Mila Sophia Zabriski

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