pregnancy | 38 week update

April 23, 2014

alright! let's get right to it - my baby is still cooking :) i am officially 38 weeks, 1 cm dilated & 50% effaced - so we are very, very, close to meeting this little angel <3

i go to the dr's every week, and have been since 36 weeks. as some of you know if you have been following my journey, at 31 weeks - little baby z put me in the hospital for pre term labor/contractions, which ultimately put me out of work as well. i was given steroids since we thought for sure we would be meeting her much sooner than expected, so make sure her lung development was strong enough that she wouldn't have to be in the NICU. it's been a scary road but we made it through & are officially full term.

my dr's said they would induce me next week, but i feel like my body is already doing what it's suppose to do at this point - so why force it? as uncomfortable as i am, John and I have decided that if we are still a family of 2 by next weekend, then we will get induced. so much growing still takes place at the 38-40 week mark, so i want to make sure i am giving my baby everything possible .. but i will not go past 40 weeks :) no thank you.

since this will be my last pregnancy post before baby comes, i just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers & thoughts through out this pregnancy. it's been a very rough road for our family, with the loss of my father & the unexpected loss of my husband's father earlier this year - we know this baby is our little piece of heaven from her grandpa's! we can't wait to meet you <3 :)

here is a look back on our fabulous journey!



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