update | 32 weeks

March 14, 2014

oh my goodness - where do i even begin?! so it's been a little over a month since my last post & BOY how things have changed! this blog will probably be short, since i am not trying to get into everything, but did want to give a quick "update" as to what was going on.

1. it's a .. girl
YUP! John & I had to have an additional test due to a possible complication, and in the mist of it all, our ultrasound tech said "who told you it was a boy?  because this is a girl .."

for 7 months we were under the impression we
were having a boy, and then SURPRISE!

so yea .. no more boy. i cried for about a week since i had connected with our "son" but we are SO freaking excited now that we have once again, connected with our perfect daughter. we had to obviously change the baby registry & can no longer use the customized bedding we had ordered for baby boy .. but with my shower this weekend - i am not worried :)

2. pre term contractions
so last week, i was at work & out of no where - BOOM! horrible stomach cramps/shooting pain. i had similar pains earlier that week (that kept me out of work) so i called my DR right away & they advised me to come into the office. i was not dilated (THANK THE LORD) but the DR did have me to go the hospital, get monitored for a few hours & be hooked up to some IVs. 

about an hour into being monitored, the machine started to pick up contractions. they were 2-4 minutes apart & pretty strong. all the nurses were SO amazing, i am so glad i am delivering at that hospital. they came in my room every 10 minutes or so, making sure i was okay & asking if i needed anything. John got there around this time, we had a little lunch & just waited for the DR to get to the hospital to see what our next step was.

when she arrived, TO MY SURPRISE, she informed us of my "beautiful pattern" of contractions .. that they like to see on someone who is in labor. me, myself .. i was trying NOT to be in labor but this baby had other plans! 

i was 31 weeks at the time, which is still a little too early for baby to arrive. their lungs aren't developed as well as they could be. so in fear that she would be arriving sooner than later, we decided to take my DR's advice: 2 steroid shots to help mature her lungs, incase she does decide to pop out a little early.

she checked me again, and i was not dilated - AGAIN THANK GOD - so we did our shot & then i had to go back the next day for my 2nd. our due date is 5/8 - but DR is not too sure she will make it to April, so we will just had to wait & see! i am officially into my 32nd week  - which means baby is 1 week stronger, so i am happy! 

i am obviously on "monitored" bed rest, which just means i can't be on my feet for more than 45 minutes, especially alone. so no more work and with John gone about 15 hours a day .. it's SUPER boring! so i think i may amp up my blog/youtube to keep myself occupied during the days, instead of watching re-runs :)

i think that covers all the basics. keep little baby z in your thoughts & hope she stays cozy in my belly a little while longer. as uncomfortable as i am, i know it's a small sacrifice to keep this little bundle healthier & happier in the long run!


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