under armour weekend in NYC

February 8, 2014

last weekend, John & I ventured out to NYC for a pretty awesome event. one of John's best friends qualified for the Under Armour Superhero Challenge. he beat out 100s of people who "tried out" for this event & i am pretty sure he got #1 in the tri-state area. we knew we wanted to support him in this awesome experience, even though it was superbowl weekend - CRAZY TIME IN NYC! and for little pregnant me, it was quite the work out! the event was held in Grand Central Station, which was pretty awesome!

2 days before the event, John said to me (with a smirk on his face) "Someone is rumored to be there, but i don't think i should tell you .." i knew it had to be someone i find extremely attractive, so i mentally ran through my "top 3" and freaked! GEORGE ST PIERRE. holy freaking lord. 

here are some pictures of our time in
NYC, the event & of course: GSP <3




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