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February 9, 2014

at 7 months into this pregnancy, i can honestly say that my taste buds have really surprised me from the very beginning. if you know me, you know i am not a steak eater. i have never eaten it in my entire life, other than a "bite" my parents would make me try. at around 3 months pregnant, my taste buds were CRAVING steak - which i thought was weird, since i have never actually tasted it before. i went on a huge streak binge, eating it about 2-3 times a week. i am usually such a sugar/sweet freak, but since becoming pregnant, i am more interested in salts & carbs.

i have never been the healthiest of eaters either, which i am fine with - but once becoming pregnant, i knew i didn't want to give my growing baby most of the things i was putting into my body. i became more aware of the foods i was eating & even though i may still "indulge", i try to eat as good as i can - and still smile. 

here are a few of my current "go to" snacks + meal choices.

| b r e a k f a s t |

1 large cup of orange juice | oatmeal with walnuts/fruit

i was never big into breakfasts, mainly because it meant having to get up earlier. but once i found out i was pregnant, i knew i had to now incorporate breakfast into my days. i was sick from week 11-24 so eating breakfast didn't always agree with the baby, but my DR said to try & eat/drink as much as i can, even if it didn't stay down. my body would absorb what it could. i also stopped taking my vitamins in the morning, since i would just puke them back up. i now take them right before bed at night.

| l u n c h |

egg salad sandwich | fresh panini

eggs have been my current obsession. fried egg sandwiches, regular hard boiled & now egg salad. i will make them at home, or order them from the deli across from my job <-- the best! i order them with fresh tomato & provolone cheese, on white toast. and who doesn't love a panini?

| s n a c k s |

oreos | peaches | cheese + crackers | apples

my favorite time of the day = snack time! this time is much more frequent now that the baby is growing so quickly now. i am always hungry! oreo's are my "splurge" - but with all the new amazing flavors, can you blame me? peaches help with my sweet cravings. cheese + crackers have always been a favorite of mine. apples have been a recent thing, no dips. but i have noticed when i eat the apples late at night, the acidity keeps me awake.

| d i n n e r |

california rolls | chicken parm pizza

in the beginning, i was so grossed out by chicken, which i always ate. it wasn't until recently that i started wanting to eat it again. mainly, it's just chicken parmigiana. pizza is an obvious craving of mine, so i decided to combine the two - ugh. so. amazing. sushi is also an obsession that has always been around. since i am not big into "fish" either, i just get the california rolls. i also use super amounts of spicy mayo to top off my rolls. so delicious. 

| e x t r a s |

fre | sour patch kids

these last 2 picks were my "treats" when i needed that little something extra. obviously i can not drink (which some people argue with) but i did not want to chance anything. i found these FRE wines - alcohol removed drinks that actually taste exactly like the real thing. even though i would much rather have a seasonal beer or martini, i know little man appreciates this much more! and since i was craving sour things like crazy, sour patch kids helped me with that! i bought a few bags just to make sure i had them whenever i needed them.

hope this helped all those mama to be's out there who aren't too sure what to put in their body or are having a difficult time understanding their new body's wants/needs. we are all different but we aren't alone in this! 


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