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February 9, 2014

at 7 months into this pregnancy, i can honestly say that my taste buds have really surprised me from the very beginning. if you know me, you know i am not a steak eater. i have never eaten it in my entire life, other than a "bite" my parents would make me try. at around 3 months pregnant, my taste buds were CRAVING steak - which i thought was weird, since i have never actually tasted it before. i went on a huge streak binge, eating it about 2-3 times a week. i am usually such a sugar/sweet freak, but since becoming pregnant, i am more interested in salts & carbs.

i have never been the healthiest of eaters either, which i am fine with - but once becoming pregnant, i knew i didn't want to give my growing baby most of the things i was putting into my body. i became more aware of the foods i was eating & even though i may still "indulge", i try to eat as good as i can - and still smile. 

here are a few of my current "go to" snacks + meal choices.

| b r e a k f a s t |

1 large cup of orange juice | oatmeal with walnuts/fruit

i was never big into breakfasts, mainly because it meant having to get up earlier. but once i found out i was pregnant, i knew i had to now incorporate breakfast into my days. i was sick from week 11-24 so eating breakfast didn't always agree with the baby, but my DR said to try & eat/drink as much as i can, even if it didn't stay down. my body would absorb what it could. i also stopped taking my vitamins in the morning, since i would just puke them back up. i now take them right before bed at night.

| l u n c h |

egg salad sandwich | fresh panini

eggs have been my current obsession. fried egg sandwiches, regular hard boiled & now egg salad. i will make them at home, or order them from the deli across from my job <-- the best! i order them with fresh tomato & provolone cheese, on white toast. and who doesn't love a panini?

| s n a c k s |

oreos | peaches | cheese + crackers | apples

my favorite time of the day = snack time! this time is much more frequent now that the baby is growing so quickly now. i am always hungry! oreo's are my "splurge" - but with all the new amazing flavors, can you blame me? peaches help with my sweet cravings. cheese + crackers have always been a favorite of mine. apples have been a recent thing, no dips. but i have noticed when i eat the apples late at night, the acidity keeps me awake.

| d i n n e r |

california rolls | chicken parm pizza

in the beginning, i was so grossed out by chicken, which i always ate. it wasn't until recently that i started wanting to eat it again. mainly, it's just chicken parmigiana. pizza is an obvious craving of mine, so i decided to combine the two - ugh. so. amazing. sushi is also an obsession that has always been around. since i am not big into "fish" either, i just get the california rolls. i also use super amounts of spicy mayo to top off my rolls. so delicious. 

| e x t r a s |

fre | sour patch kids

these last 2 picks were my "treats" when i needed that little something extra. obviously i can not drink (which some people argue with) but i did not want to chance anything. i found these FRE wines - alcohol removed drinks that actually taste exactly like the real thing. even though i would much rather have a seasonal beer or martini, i know little man appreciates this much more! and since i was craving sour things like crazy, sour patch kids helped me with that! i bought a few bags just to make sure i had them whenever i needed them.

hope this helped all those mama to be's out there who aren't too sure what to put in their body or are having a difficult time understanding their new body's wants/needs. we are all different but we aren't alone in this! 


under armour weekend in NYC

February 8, 2014

last weekend, John & I ventured out to NYC for a pretty awesome event. one of John's best friends qualified for the Under Armour Superhero Challenge. he beat out 100s of people who "tried out" for this event & i am pretty sure he got #1 in the tri-state area. we knew we wanted to support him in this awesome experience, even though it was superbowl weekend - CRAZY TIME IN NYC! and for little pregnant me, it was quite the work out! the event was held in Grand Central Station, which was pretty awesome!

2 days before the event, John said to me (with a smirk on his face) "Someone is rumored to be there, but i don't think i should tell you .." i knew it had to be someone i find extremely attractive, so i mentally ran through my "top 3" and freaked! GEORGE ST PIERRE. holy freaking lord. 

here are some pictures of our time in
NYC, the event & of course: GSP <3




negativity | how to stay positive

February 4, 2014

so recently, i have come across quite a bit of personal negativity. something that was said about me stayed in my head for about 2-3 days, which normally never happens. i watched Dulce Candy's video on negativity & how to stay positive & really felt better afterwards. 

with such amazing things happening in my life, i feel like i have become a target for negativity. i really don't know how these celebrities do it. i think it comes down to jealousy. for people to look at someone, who has achieved the things they want, they have no choice other than to try & bring them down. 

in no way has my life been perfect, but i always (at least i always try) to see the good/positive in things. i feel that whatever you put into the universe, you will get back. if you hang around negative people, you will only see the negative things in life. if you hang around positive people, you will begin to see the positive things that life has given you. 

for someone like myself who is happily married to an amazing man, who is building their dream home, with a baby boy on the way in 13 weeks, i feel like people would be gravitating towards me to try & pick up some of my positive vibes. instead, i have become a target for negativity.

didn't your mother ever teach you?
if you don't have something nice to say, shut up.

as women, we should be empowering one another, not bringing each other down. if you see a woman who is successful & happy, why not strive to be more like them? i never understood that. if someone has something you want, aspire to be like them so you can obtain the same things. why bother trying to bring others down, when it's not going to bring you up?

personally, i would feel horrible if i said something that hurt someone else. maybe it was how i was raised, but the guilt i would feel would be horrendous. knowing that you caused someone pain/anger/hurt, how could you go about your day smiling? very strange. 

people do these things to try to make themselves feel better because their life isn't where they want it to be. they wish it could be more like yours & they hate the fact that they aren't happy. so instead of talking bad about someone, why not change your life to make yourself happier? wouldn't that make more sense? 

be the positivity is someone's life. if you see they are negative about a certain situation, try and be the light to help them see the good. sometimes it's easier said than done - i totally get that - but in 99% of the cases, i promise there is something good. if you feel someone is constantly bringing you down, remove them from your life.

trust me, you aren't losing anything special anyways <- take it from me!


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