pregnancy | snacks + current cravings

at 7 months into this pregnancy, i can honestly say that my taste buds have really surprised me from the very beginning. if you know me, you know i am not a steak eater. i have never eaten it in my entire life, other than a "bite" my parents would make me try. at around 3 months pregnant, my taste buds were CRAVING steak - which i thought was weird, since i have never actually tasted it before. i went on a huge streak binge, eating it … Read more

under armour weekend in NYC

last weekend, John & I ventured out to NYC for a pretty awesome event. one of John's best friends qualified for the Under Armour Superhero Challenge. he beat out 100s of people who "tried out" for this event & i am pretty sure he got #1 in the tri-state area. we knew we wanted to support him in this awesome experience, even though it was superbowl weekend - CRAZY TIME IN NYC! and for little pregnant me, it was quite the wor… Read more

negativity | how to stay positive

so recently, i have come across quite a bit of personal negativity. something that was said about me stayed in my head for about 2-3 days, which normally never happens. i watched Dulce Candy's video on negativity & how to stay positive & really felt better afterwards.  with such amazing things happening in my life, i feel like i have become a target for negativity. i really don't know how these celebrities do it. i think it comes … Read more