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January 26, 2014

i really can't deny, that as soon as i started to notice my "bump" - i freaked. i have always been on the thinner side, so once i had to pack away my skinny jeans - it was not a pretty moment. i know that the weight gained is healthy, it just took some adjusting on my end. now i love it! nothing is more beautiful!

here are some of my fashion inspirations &
must have/tips while carrying this little baby with me every. 


since it's still cold here in NJ, i really liked these styles:

boots || sweaters || belts || scarves



my balance has always been 100%, until becoming pregnant.
as much as i love still wearing my heels, i know it comes with some
added responsibilities now. these are great alternatives.

wedge sneakers || comfy flats || riding boots


with the lack of energy that comes along with being pregnant, it's sometimes hard to find time for yourself & make sure you are #1. you may not want to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror anymore, or spend that time to curl your hair - which is completely okay! here are some quick, easy & effortless hair styles for "those days".

ponytails || messy buns || air dried || braids




to make sure you are not carrying around any extra weight, try to bring along a smaller purse - that way you literally can't over pack & strain your neck/shoulders. even though you may have more items in your purse than usual (yummy snacks and drink), you want to make sure you are comfortable while you are out of the house.

clutch || crossbody


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