January 26, 2014

with my little man on the way, i have been looking up obvious themes & designs for his baby shower & nursery. i knew right away what i wanted his nursery to look like - so when i stumbled upon Rachel Talbott's youtube channel & saw her nursery tour, I FELL IN LOVE with her custom bedding for her little guy. i contacted the designer (who happened to be someone in her family), we got to work right away. with my final payment just made, i am SO excited for the order to come in. Melanie (the designer) sent me progress pictures along the way - which made me cry every time because it was crazy to see my visions come to life - and she was open to all of my ideas. i am so glad i went with her & hope to continue to work with her in the future.

i am probably the only girl who isn't obsessed with Pinterest, but since i have an account, i have been collecting some baby shower ideas. although i am not the one planning it, i have been dropping some "hints" along the way!


i just wanted to share some inspiration ideas for a boy's nursery (even though, some i would not particularly do for him, they are still adorable). with knowing so many girls who are expecting around the same time as me, i thought it would be cute to share - maybe give some ideas to those who are not quite sure what they are looking for!



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