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January 31, 2014

hello my friends! i am really trying to keep up with this blog for the remainder of my pregnancy (97 days - wahoo!) so i can share my experiences & what not. hope you guys don't mind! so today, let's talk fitness while pregnant.

*always talk to your doctor before starting up a new fitness plan*

i recently started prenatal yoga, which was recommend by a fellow pregnant gal. it is only once a week, which for me works well since i don't have much energy during the work week. it's a 1 hour class & preps the body for labor/delivery, all while giving breathing techniques to use in everyday life.

getting back into the gym has been something i have been contemplating. i signed up in the summer & went about 2-3 times a week, just to slowly get myself back into the groove. then i got pregnant & my energy was nonexistent. john had made the effort to get me off the couch, so a few nights a week after he got home from work, we would take a 10-20 minute walk. then, good old NJ got FREEZING, so those nightly walks stopped.

i talked to my doctor about going back into the gym, and of course he recommended it. light cardio mainly, since i was never in a full blown work out routine. i wouldn't be heavy lifting/squatting .. which was fine with me. i think cardio was the perfect addition to my pregnancy. since i want to drop my baby weight ASAP, i would like to get into a light routine now so it won't be as hard after the baby comes.

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