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January 31, 2014

hello my friends! i am really trying to keep up with this blog for the remainder of my pregnancy (97 days - wahoo!) so i can share my experiences & what not. hope you guys don't mind! so today, let's talk fitness while pregnant.

*always talk to your doctor before starting up a new fitness plan*

i recently started prenatal yoga, which was recommend by a fellow pregnant gal. it is only once a week, which for me works well since i don't have much energy during the work week. it's a 1 hour class & preps the body for labor/delivery, all while giving breathing techniques to use in everyday life.

getting back into the gym has been something i have been contemplating. i signed up in the summer & went about 2-3 times a week, just to slowly get myself back into the groove. then i got pregnant & my energy was nonexistent. john had made the effort to get me off the couch, so a few nights a week after he got home from work, we would take a 10-20 minute walk. then, good old NJ got FREEZING, so those nightly walks stopped.

i talked to my doctor about going back into the gym, and of course he recommended it. light cardio mainly, since i was never in a full blown work out routine. i wouldn't be heavy lifting/squatting .. which was fine with me. i think cardio was the perfect addition to my pregnancy. since i want to drop my baby weight ASAP, i would like to get into a light routine now so it won't be as hard after the baby comes.

| my pregnancy gym attire choices |

victoria secret yoga pants
under armour "dry fit" long sleeve tops
victoria secret sports bras
target sports bras
nike free sneakers


style your bump.

January 26, 2014

i really can't deny, that as soon as i started to notice my "bump" - i freaked. i have always been on the thinner side, so once i had to pack away my skinny jeans - it was not a pretty moment. i know that the weight gained is healthy, it just took some adjusting on my end. now i love it! nothing is more beautiful!

here are some of my fashion inspirations &
must have/tips while carrying this little baby with me every. 


since it's still cold here in NJ, i really liked these styles:

boots || sweaters || belts || scarves



my balance has always been 100%, until becoming pregnant.
as much as i love still wearing my heels, i know it comes with some
added responsibilities now. these are great alternatives.

wedge sneakers || comfy flats || riding boots


with the lack of energy that comes along with being pregnant, it's sometimes hard to find time for yourself & make sure you are #1. you may not want to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror anymore, or spend that time to curl your hair - which is completely okay! here are some quick, easy & effortless hair styles for "those days".

ponytails || messy buns || air dried || braids




to make sure you are not carrying around any extra weight, try to bring along a smaller purse - that way you literally can't over pack & strain your neck/shoulders. even though you may have more items in your purse than usual (yummy snacks and drink), you want to make sure you are comfortable while you are out of the house.

clutch || crossbody



with my little man on the way, i have been looking up obvious themes & designs for his baby shower & nursery. i knew right away what i wanted his nursery to look like - so when i stumbled upon Rachel Talbott's youtube channel & saw her nursery tour, I FELL IN LOVE with her custom bedding for her little guy. i contacted the designer (who happened to be someone in her family), we got to work right away. with my final payment just made, i am SO excited for the order to come in. Melanie (the designer) sent me progress pictures along the way - which made me cry every time because it was crazy to see my visions come to life - and she was open to all of my ideas. i am so glad i went with her & hope to continue to work with her in the future.

i am probably the only girl who isn't obsessed with Pinterest, but since i have an account, i have been collecting some baby shower ideas. although i am not the one planning it, i have been dropping some "hints" along the way!


i just wanted to share some inspiration ideas for a boy's nursery (even though, some i would not particularly do for him, they are still adorable). with knowing so many girls who are expecting around the same time as me, i thought it would be cute to share - maybe give some ideas to those who are not quite sure what they are looking for!



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