the "joys" of pregnancy

December 29, 2013

i have been wanting to do a pregnancy post for weeks now, but as some of you may know, my life got a little crazy with the loss of my dad <3 the love & support from everyone has been amazing. 

so since everyone has been asking "how are you feeling?" .. "do you have a name?" .. "are you getting sick?" .."i want to see your belly!" -- i thought i would do a blog to share my experiences so far, the sex of our baby & all the other amazing (and not so amazing) things that i have been going through.

1.  it's a boy!
holy freaking crap. since the beginning, we were calling the baby a "HE" so i think i knew right away that it was going to be a boy.  i have been getting to know him over the last few months & i can already tell he is going to be just like his daddy! we did the gender reveal with our family at a 3D/4D facility so everyone was able to see the baby move. our tech wrote down the sex of the baby on a post it, gave it to john & myself, and then we announced it -- BOY! :) mama's little man already!

2. names
so john & i had names picked out before we even found out we were pregnant - and those names went right out the window once we found out it was a boy. we had great names, but we knew something better was going to come along. when my dad passed, i knew i wanted to incorporate his name with our son's - which is what we plan on doing. one night we were looking up names (again) and it hit me! i said the name, john looked at me & said "how did we not think of this already!?" we are so in love with the name - we have been using it to refer to the baby, just to see how it feels - and it's perfect. for now, you will know him as "baby z" until we decide to announce it officially.

3. vomit
my god. since about 12-13 weeks, i have been vomiting every morning. now let me explain, i am NOT nauseas. i will wake up, vomit, then go about my day. in the beginning i thought i was dying - no lie. i called my mom mid-vomit and would beg for her to come save me (since john was at work). she laughed and would say "you are fine .. the baby is healthy. you are okay". for a few days i couldn't get off the couch, so i missed some work. but now, at 22 weeks - i am use to it & i just go about my day after i get sick.

4. tired
just tired. in the beginning i LITERALLY could not get off the couch. it was as if i had been up for days, worked my ass off, ran a marathon & then babysat 17 kids at once. it was an exhaustion i have never known before, ever. i would sleep all day, wake up to eat then go back to bed. luckily, that passed and now i only experience that once in a blue moon - and it's not nearly as severe as it was.

5. cravings
helllllllo mama! so i have never eaten steak in my life, and this baby was craving it - so weird. i had steak 4 times in 1 week. pretty expensive baby if you ask me. pickles. of course. macaroni and cheese. mcgriddles from mcdonalds. seltzer (it's all i drink now, i hate water. lemon/lime). mozzarella sticks. i heard when you are having a boy, you crave salty things .. and with girls, you crave more sweets. i have always had a sweet tooth, but this baby is not interested in sweets - so weird. 

6. personal
so as much as i LOVE seeing pictures of growing bellies & sonograms - john & myself really feel like our baby, we want to keep a little more private. we have pictures of him up in our home & have pictures of my bare belly, but have no intentions of posting those on the internet. it's a very exciting time & we want to enjoy it - just us. if you see me out, then you will see my belly! if you come to our home, you will see sonogram pictures. he is perfect, long legs like his mommy & strong facial features just like his daddy. at 20 weeks i started to really feel him move, and now at 22 weeks - i feel him all the time. it is the most amazing experience i have ever gone through in my life. he knows my voice and will move when i say his name .. or when i play music for him. he likes to party at night, around 9-10pm .. at times, you can actually see my belly move - when he starts doing muay thai moves like his daddy :) he reminds me every day that i am not alone <3

7. my must-haves
my heated blanket (thanks to my in-laws, and santa!) pregnancy pillow, even though i haven't used it too much recently, having the back support really helps at night when i need it. carter's - they have the best sales. hot showers. coconut butter, from trader joe's. good bras (my boobs have gone up a whole cup size, how wonderful). lots of booty shorts, you probably won't want to wear thongs anymore. good maternity pants - these can get pricey, but they are worth it. i probably will still wear mine after baby z is born. SO COMFY! pinterest -- perfect for nursery ideas! etsy -- perfect for unique baby pieces! 


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