the ABC'S of beauty.

May 27, 2013

okay ladies, so things can get a little crazy when you walk into the drug/department store in hopes of finding a new "life changing" product. well, hate to tell you - but if you do find one, you'll probably pay out the ass for it .. and odds are it'll be filled with harsh chemicals.

i recently read an article about the "alphabet of beauty" & was inspired to do my own version of it, since half of the things in the article i wasn't familiar with. it really helped me to learn new life changes i can make & to understand the products before i went into the store and was attacked by a saleswoman looking to make commission. only YOU know your skin so why not do the research before you purchase a new product. you would't go to a dealership without getting information about the car first, right? HOPE THIS HELPS :)

A: AQUA! it's no secret that you need to stay hydrated. i have a hard time drinking plain water, so i use the liquid flavors to add a little kick! plus i drink it out of a super cute hello kitty jug which helps! 

B: BB CREAMS. these are beauty balms. perfect for undamaged skin. most of them contain SPF's. it's like "no makeup makeup".

C: CC CREAMS. these are complexion correctors. perfect for skin that needs a little TLC. it helps reduce redness, shrinks pores & hides fine lines .. along with some other great benefits.

D: DON'T LEAVE MAKEUP ON. this one is common sense. don't do it. a good way to keep this from happening is to leave make up remover wipes by your bed. that way, you can clean your face while lying down. PERFECT!

E: EXFOLIATE. but not too often! about once or week or so, too much can cause your skin to create excess oils & even cause breakouts.

F: FINE LINES. what every women dreads. when applying under eye products, don't rub the product, tap it into your skin instead. any extra pulling around the eyes can cause premature wrinkles. 

G/H: GLOW/HIGHLIGHT. some girls love it, i personally am not a huge fan, since i have more of an oily complexion. but if you do use a highlight, use it on the upper part of your cheek bone, borderline the top of your bronzer/blush.

I: INJECTIONS. we all know about botox and juvaderm. it's obviously personal preference on what you decided to with your body. as long as you're happy, there is no right or wrong!

J: JUST BREATH. stress is a huge cause of premature wrinkles and blemishes in the skin. relax & do the things that make you happy. get rid of any negativity in your life, i promise it will be the best decision you have ever made :)

K: KICK THE OLD HABITS. there is not time like the present! if something makes you happy, continue to do it. if something makes you sad, stop having that in your life. try a new routine to switch things up! join the gym, read a good book, try a new recipe. its YOUR life. 

L: LED FACIALS. it's creating a huge buzz in hollywood. it's basically a "vitamin C infused serum" that gives a glow as if you have been in the sun for a few hours. pretty much, a more "natural" tanning bed, but just for your face.

M: MONEY. you don't need this to look beautiful. a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear, don't forget to put yours on in the morning :)

N: NATURAL. try and keep it natural when it comes to beauty products. take a minute to read the labels of your favorite products, google them & i bet you would be surprised.

O: OIL. okay so if you follow my blogs and my YouTube channel, you know i am always talking about how i have an oily complexion. normally when you are like me, you will dread adding ANY time of moisture to your skin in fear that it will make it worse. WRONG! i recently started using some new products (you will learn about them soon) and i have been LOVING them. when you body makes TOO MUCH oil, the only way to decrease this, is to ADD to it. meaning, MOISTURIZE. if you skin is already moist, your body won't create anymore. get it? got it? GOOD!

P: PRIMER. so we all wish we could look as great as the people we see in magazines. perfect skin, 6 packs, great flowing hair. WHATEVER. if you wants to help your skin look its best, start with a primer. apply this after your moisturizer, it will help hide your pores and make your foundation go on smoother, creating that "photoshop" look.

Q: QUICK ALTERNATIVES. in a rush? instead of stopping at the drive-thru, JUICE! throw anything in a juicer, and you will be amazed! natural energy and great "in-between" meals options. i am obsessed with mine. depending on the season, you can add seasoned fruits to help suppress your sweet tooth! YUMMMO!

R: RUBBING. like i said before, be careful when applying product around certain parts of your face. PAT them into your skin instead of pulling it.

S: SPF. we all know what the benefits of using SPF are, especially here in jersey. although you may think you look "great" all tan .. i promise you, you will look 10+ older than you actually are by the time you are close to 30. most makeups now actually have it mixed into their products so you can skip a step. you can thank me later.

T: T ZONE. the T zone is basically if you drew a uppercase T onto your face, the middle of your forehead, down to your lips. this is where most people find their skin is the most oily. when applying a mask, try to keep that area in mind.

U: UV LIGHT. we all know its bad for you, but tanning can be an addiction - and i am guilty of that. in the past i was addicted. i recently bought a sunless tanning spray that i have been loving. don't believe me? check out my segment on Good Morning America.

V: VENOM. this is another fad that is quickly taking the place of surgeries. bee venom actually plumps and firms your skin. i have yet to try this, but just in case you were in the  market, check out Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream, $140. 

W: WASH YOUR FACE! again, if you are too tired to do this, keep makeup remover wipes near your bed. i keep some in my purse too, just incase!

X: E(X)ESSIVE. too much of anything is never good. let your skin breathe at night. wash your face as soon as you know you'll be in for the night. and if you can, take the weekends off from wearing any extra products. your skin will thank you in the long run.

Y: YES! say yes to trying new things. you never know. if you see or hear of a product that you want to try, do a little research so you know what you are about to put into your body (since everything you apply to your skin, WILL be digested) and if you are still interested, go for it! you might wind up with a new "must have" product in your vanity.

Z: ZZZZZ. make sure you are sleeping well. just like the rest of your body, you skin needs to rest. 7-9 hours is ideal, i feel best at around 6 but insist on getting around 9 anyways. 

i hope this helped you to better understand some products that have been hitting the shelves & to learn about some new techniques to help you be the best YOU that you can be. we are all in this crazy world together, why not help each other?!

                  - G.

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