May 4, 2013

so technically we are in May, which i consider summer - but in the wonderful state of NJ, it's practically winter weather still. we are finally getting into the warmer, longer days & i have been updating my closest, as most girls should :)

i have found some really great pieces & trends that i have been loving for 2013. some are wish list times, but some are affordable on any budget! HAPPY SHOPPING!

bold prints
today i bought some great pairs of shorts that i can't wait to wear! i feel the bold printed bottoms are stylish enough that you could wear a solid tank/t shirt & would still look like a million bucks - and who doesn't want to look like a million bucks?! or you could keep a simple solid colored outfit, with a bold shoe. either way, i am loving the bright bold statement pieces! 



a little something extra
so no outfit is complete without some icing on the cake! the most simplest outfit can turn heads if the accessories are done correctly. whether it's going to the beach or going to a happy hour after work, a staple accessory is something you should never leave home without!



fresh face
make up trends this year are definitely a lot more fun than last year's! neutral skin, bold lip, bright eyes & funky nails! even though i may not do a crazy lip, i have been experimenting with some fun eye colors! nails are my favorite something "extra" as you probably already know!

wish list
so every girl dreams of having some great designer pieces in her wardrobe, myself included. over the last few months i have found a few that i would die for! oh, dear santa .. 


i hope this post helped you guys with some great spring ideas! try and break away from your normal attire and try something new! you never know, you might love the way you look! thanks for checking it out :)

                          -  G.

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