May 29, 2013

so since we skipped right over spring and jumped head first into summer, i thought this would be a quick "must have" when it came to your summer beach bag! one of my favorite things to pack for is the beach, my happy place. although i may not get to go very often, when i do, i make sure i am 100% ready. HERE IS WHAT I'M PACKING:

the bag.
the mothership. if you have a good bag, you can take over the world. go for something with a few different compartments, not something that is a black hole. also, make sure the bag is safe to go in the wash, since it may develop an odor from all the salt air.


the body.
alright ladies, so we want to make sure we look as natural as possible, even if we do need a little "help" from some products - WHO CARES! these things will keep you safe from the harsh sun, all while still looking fabulous of course. SPF: for your body & lips! nobody likes wrinkles. FACIAL MIST: one easy way to keep your skin hydrated. BODY MIST: nobody likes to stink, even if you are at the beach. it's hot, we get it. SEA SALT SPRAY: is amazing for your hair! most of them smell tropical which is great, but it will enhance your hair to get that "just left the beach" look, even if you really did. i love mine.




the attire.
just because you're at the beach, does not mean you have to look like a slob. having a good attire is just as important as having the sun in the sky on this amazing beach day. COVERUP: we know it's not a fashion show, but just incase you to have to run errands after the beach, or decide to grab some food/drinks with friends - you want to make sure you are ready to rock. SANDALS: um, no excuse for old grungy ones. invest in a great pair & you will be set for a few summers. HAT: if you do want to wear a hat, do a fedora. it's not the kentucky derby. keep it simple. SUNGLASSES: nobody likes wrinkles.



oh, don't forget.
personally, i love being at the beach alone. i can be there for hours, with a book & listening to the waves. but these things to make sure you are ready for anything. first one there, last one to leave. just how i like it. COMPACT WALLET: just bring a few bucks, your license & maybe a credit card .. just incase. MUSIC: bring some earbuds incase you happen to sit next to a screaming child. NOOK/KINDLE/IPAD: i am obsessed with mine. download some great books or a gossip magazine! or if you need to, get some emails done. WATER: stay hydrated people. i keep mine in the freezer until i'm ready to leave the house!


hope this helped you guys get ready for your summer beach bag!

- G.

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